11 rules of nutrition for a beautiful figure

11 rules of nutrition for a beautiful figure

food and figure   Every woman wants to have a slim figure, and if each knows how to eat properly? Here is for you, dear women, the list of basic rules of healthy eating. 1. Drink sufficient quantity of water during the day. This amount is determined from the calculation: 30 mg of water per 1 kg of weight. 2. For 20-30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. 3. Do not drink cold water during meals. 4. Before eating, try to eat a portion of salad. It contains few calories and gives a feeling of satiety. 5. fatty sauces should be avoided when refueling salads. It is better to use unsweetened yogurt than mayonnaise. 6. If you have a sweet tooth, then give preference to dried fruits and fruit jelly. 7. Use the "rule of two plates." Divide your portion in half, spread out on 2 plates and only if you feel that you eat enough servings of half remaining. 8. Choose as cheese snacks with a fat content not exceeding 20 %. 9. Milk choose a fat content not exceeding 1,5 %. 10. Remember that the most harmful roast poultry and oily part - it's crisp. From it should completely abandon. 11. Never eat up for others and not eat for the purpose only that the product could not deteriorate. Take for yourself for normally always leave a little on the plate.

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