5 herbs that help with digestive problems

5 herbs that help with digestive problems

herbs   Overeating or skipping meals, unhealthy foods, stress - all this disturbs the balance of the digestive system. As a result, there are changes in the work, there is a decrease in immunity, less nutrients are absorbed, and the person begins to deal with constant illnesses. In order to improve the digestive system, it is necessary to pay attention to lifestyle, as well as make some changes in the diet, according to femme.today. Good support is provided by grass, experts say. They will act as an additional source of vitamins and will help with indigestion.    Dandelion   Usually we perceive dandelions as weeds, but in fact, this plant is rich in vitamins A, B, E and C, as well as many minerals. There are several varieties of this plant. The beverage prepared from rhizomes dandelion stimulates the digestive glands, improves appetite, heals the liver.    Chia seeds   They have a number of benefits for the health and digestion, due to the content of fiber and essential fatty acids. Furthermore they have a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Since Chia contains a high percentage of fiber, they can help those who suffer from constipation. To do this, simply add the seeds in preparing meals, breakfast cereals or yogurt.   Caraway   Another aromatic spice that may help for digestion - is cumin. It has a spicy flavor, so it is suitable as a seasoning for soups, main courses and even tea. In addition to the beneficial effects on the digestive system, it improves the immune system, helps with insomnia, asthma, colds, anemia, and bronchitis.   Artichoke   This herb has been increasingly found in the recipes. Its use takes care of digestion by stimulating the liver and bile, helping to metabolize fat that comes from food. Artichokes cooked baked in the oven, added to salads, soups. The plant is found in many dietary supplements.    Melissa   Melissa, also called lemon mint, can relieve symptoms such as flatulence or bloating. In addition, it is used as a sedative that can calm the nervous system. Because the plant is recommended for digestive problems that are associated with increased stress levels.

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