7 ways to soothe a toothache

7 ways to soothe a toothache


7 ways to soothe a toothache

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toothacheToothache and the dentist for some reason is not available. What to do? To cope with the pain and to postpone his visit to the doctor to help small medical tricks. Toothache well helps a weak solution of baking soda. One teaspoon of the powder thoroughly stirred into a glass of warm water, and then rinse the mouth and throat prepared elixir. Soda reduces inflammation and reduces irritation around pribolevshy tissues. Typically, after two or three procedures performed within half an hour, the pain subsides. Decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, also reduces pain. Buy medicinal plants can be almost any pharmacy, and cook broth able and the child. Allow to cool slightly and infusion gargle sore place. Dentists recommend that you keep in your home medicine cabinet dental drops. This preparation is indispensable in difficult times. On a small piece of cotton wool applied 1-2 drops applied to the patient and the tooth. Camphor and valerian tincture, a part of a drug having sedative effect. Not superfluous will mint tablets. They are placed under the tongue for one or two features, relief begins about fifteen minutes. The fact that the oil of peppermint - a recognized antiseptic and refreshing agent, that's why it is added to most medicinal mouthwashes, tooth powders and pastes. Therapeutic and refreshing effect due to the presence of menthol oil. When there is no strength to endure the torments of hell, take pain medication: baralgin, pentalgin or strigan. At worst come and dipyrone tablet. The main thing is not keen on such drugs. A handful of the same analginum a serious blow to your liver and gastric mucosa. There are folk ways, winning a toothache. Even four years ago, the peasants were tied to the wrist with gauze mashed garlic cloves. Bandage must be at hand, the opposite side with sore teeth. Sore left side of the jaw - is wound on the right hand, and vice versa. Modern science explains it very difficult and confusing. Garlic has a positive effect on the reflex points, and they, in turn, regulate pain. At these points the pulse area just very much. Try this advice antiquity, they say - it helps. Some applied to run up the tooth piece of fresh, unsalted bacon. It is believed that it pulls the pain, reduces irritation and prevents inflammation. As it happens, doctors still do not understand. According to endocrinologists, lovemaking perfectly remove all pain. During intimate games body secretes hormone of joy - endorphins. It calms the nervous system and carousing promotes speedy recovery. Even if the pain could temporarily curb, put off a visit to the doctor is not necessary, let the doctor to find the cause of the disease and make its verdict. In medical practice there are situations when a delay in treatment to the dentist is like death. In no case should not tolerate a toothache, if you have a fever and strongly swollen cheek. These are the first signs of cellulitis or abscess (purulent inflammation of soft tissues). Also, if the day before you remove the tooth, and began to bleed, resulting in a well - you can not loiter. Naplyuyte to an important meeting, meeting of the night, call the "fast" or a ride to the doctor themselves. Delays are fraught with severe edema and difficulty to further treatment. Particular attention should be manifest injury of the lower face, even minor at first glance. If the mouth opens or bad jaw shifted slightly to the side, possible fracture. God forbid, all right, and you just strong bruise, but it is better not to experiment with their own health. Timely measures taken to save you from painful tumors and prolonged hospital stay. A source: skywoman.ru

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