Amanda Pitt

Amanda Pitt

Successful Hollywood actress Amanda Peet - a good example for any modern woman. Build not only a career, but also a large family, Amanda continues to lead an active life, combines the care of children with such a difficult job, and this is a beauty and an exemplary wife. We get to know the details of the personal life of a film star, as well as the secrets of beauty and style of the charming Amanda Peet.


Amanda Peet was born January 11, 1972 in New York's family: father - Charles - was a lawyer, mother - Penny - worked in the position of social worker. Though his calling Amanda realized when he was quite a big girl, the future star's first appearance on stage took place when Amanda was almost three years.

It happened by chance: a mother with her daughter went to the theater, and restless baby directly during the performance climbed onto the stage and that time even tried to take an active part in what is happening. Soon unplanned character of the play from the scene was removed, but the event is remembered forever girl mom, as she then repeatedly reminded and Amanda, and all his friends. Perhaps this event has become a kind of prophecy, determined the fate of Amanda Peet even then.

early years

A funny incident was seen as the parents of Amanda usual childish prank. They did not want to even think about how to get their daughter began studying theater and acting. Although from an early age, Amanda grew a real beauty, her parents set up for a "serious" education, because they believed that good looks far in life you will not leave.

Amanda herself from an early age, though fond of cinema seriously for this hobby is not treated. Graduated from high school, I went to college at the Faculty of History. And only for the overall development began in the student age attend classes in acting school HB Studio. This place at one time produced celebrities such as Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Liza Minnelli, Whoopi Goldberg. It was in the school's ability Amanda opened so that parents do not become discourage her thirst for acting.


For the first time on television, Amanda Peet appeared in advertising Skittles candy. Actively attending the audition, the actress began to get bit parts in TV shows and movies. A six-year study at the prestigious acting school paid off. Amanda Peet filmography is replete with multi-faceted work and well-known films:

  • 1995 "animal room"
  • 2000 "The Whole Nine Yards"
  • 2000 «Loser»
  • 2000 «Hacking / Hackers 2»
  • 2004 "The Whole Nine Yards 2"
  • 2005 "More Than Love"
  • 2012 "The Good Wife"
  • 2015 "Love without obligation»

actress today

Amanda Peet behind a number of roles in action movies and melodramas, comedies and romantic movies. Following the results of 2016 it may be noted that at the moment the actress is working actively on television - starred in numerous television series.

Personal life

Amanda Peet their personal example shows that the profession and the public have a place for a happy family life. Her life partner was David Benioff - a famous writer, creator of the popular series "Game of Thrones." Amanda and David were married in 2006, and met before 4 years.

They raise two lovely daughters - Frances (2007) and Molly (2010), and young son, Henry (2014). Amanda with her husband and children lived in two houses - one in Manhattan in New York, the second - in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles).

The last child was born to a couple when Amanda was already at the age of 42 years, and all around saying that she was "too old" for this. But the actress has done and with the third pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little boy in all respects.

Beauty secrets

In the photo the last few years can be seen: the time does not spare such Hollywood beauties like Amanda. The actress maintains its appearance is normal with the help of sports and services of professional stylists. Given into the hands of surgeons and cosmetologists film star is not ready.

In one of his interviews, Amanda Peet admitted that she was ashamed to declare openly, "I care what I look like!" After all, it is obliged to look brilliant in a professional, but to go for the sake of all she does not want. And Amanda is worried about what kind of example are her daughter looking at her mother.

"I have two young daughters, and they grow in the heart of American culture, fixated on the beauty and youth. They are accustomed to see how I stack the clock hair and do make, and consider it normal, part of my job. " Amanda Peet

The actress is very sober about his figure: it is natural that in 45 years, and even after three births a woman can not look like she 20. Amanda admits that she is aging. And all that remains is an actress - do it with dignity and charming smile.

"What is the point of doing something with the person if it is noticeable? I need the means by which I will look younger, rather than the means by which everyone will see that I "did something with the person." Amanda Peet

Stylish image of Amanda Peet

It is always very interesting to observe how many different outfits Hollywood actresses who they choose for their everyday life and for social events. Thus, in the stress of everyday life, for example, for walking with children, Amanda Peet always chooses a very practical, but stylish outfits. Soft sweat pants style bananas, comfortable and simple svitshot shale - a favorite choice of stylish moms every day.

actress reincarnation for the red carpet is always a bit like a fairy-tale magic. For example, here is the image that shows Amanda at the presentation of the next season of "Game of Thrones." Elegant white dress fancy cut on thin shoulder straps and an open back with Pete turns out successful careerists and caring mother of three children in the fragile young girl, waiting for her prince. The original golden clutch and maximally open light beige shoes enhance the effect of tenderness and lightness of the image.

The following example is also filled with femininity and elegance. The combination of black and lavender - the trend color combination. Here again we see the intricate cut, the length of the floor - the best party for the open arms. Slicked hair beam completes the image, making it discreet features.

Monochrome version evening dress, which should take note of all brunettes: pale cream dress in a floor with lace and ruffles, with bare shoulders and a lace stand-up collar. There are very well matched tiny clutch to match the dress and contrasting make-up and manicure: nail polish, lipstick and eyeshadow are a dark palette, all the colors are very saturated. This image shows a bunch of Amanda again, but this time built hairstyle parted in the middle, this option seems to be more respectable than smoothly licked.

But we can not say that this haircut is not relevant at social events. For example, it seems very appropriate in this outfit. But he outfit called from fashion critics a lot of disputes. Often referred to this dress from Marc Jacobs failure, others find a way of air and charming. Perhaps the style is really not ideal. But the idea is very good: delicate lace, tulle, satin ribbons - all components are perfectly combined with each other. Can be made in a different shaped bodice would make the composition more elegant. Anyway, Amanda Peet again reminds us of fairy princess, and striking makeup, stylish decorations and golden sandals only reinforce this impression.

In cold weather, creating stylish outfits for a visit festivals Amanda helps coat. Consider two demonstration versions. The first - the skirt ensemble. Here we see the white top, white skirt, embroidered with golden Chinese ornaments, cream-colored coat on one button, beige clutch with gold fittings and elegant boat, made from a combination of the same gold and skin tone to match the coat.

The second image with a coat evokes the marine theme: the main components - a black and white striped top and duffle coat milky hue with contrasting black furniture. All other elements of the ensemble performed in black: clutches, skinny pants, boots with rounded toes and low heels. Even the makeup and manicure here contrasts the basic details of the dress - coat: nail polish black, eyes are made up in the technique of "Smokey Aes".

These two images are very strongly contrasted with each other: the first - very feminine, gentle, and the second - manly strict.

And the next outfit made just in the spirit of the Greek goddess: Dress to the floor of the finest flowing fabrics opens the back and shoulders. In addition to the clutch in the ensemble there are wristbands, but more important is the parent dyeing - a thin band that is associated with the tiara, and it was he who pushes for a comparison with the Greek mythical beauty.

Quite often in dresses Amanda Peet meet translucent fabric. And one of the most successful variants can be considered a dress of such materials smoky hue. Actress perfectly combines them with elements of black and white that looks very harmoniously with its tsvetotip.

Very interesting is the choice of the print Amanda Peet for their outfits. She loves colorful abstraction, and animal patterns, and images of animals, and floral patterns.

All colors - a very important part of the style of Amanda Peet. The actress knows how to accurately determine where it will be necessary monochrome suit. It can be pure white, delicate purple or classic black.

Complete review of Amanda's clothes, Pete wants a very spectacular way. One of the most exciting ensembles Amanda recently - a luxurious black dress to the floor with a seductive vertical cut in the chest and shiny sequins embroidery. This application creates a stylish geometric pattern, enveloping the entire upper part of the dress. The combination of colors - black, yellow and pink gold - looks very impressive and will be important in the coming season.

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