Adriana Lima told how thin to 90-60-90

Adriana Lima told how thin to 90-60-90

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Adriana Lima told how thin to 90-60-90

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29-year-old model Adriana Lima, recently became a mother, gave details of their diet, which helped her in record time back stunning proportions. Known model Adriana Lima came very quickly into modeling, becoming a mother. Recently, she has given more interviews, describing how she managed to find the figure of 85-58-90 after pregnancy. What's in the diet: mashed potatoes, vegetable and fruit salads, cream soups, smoothies, eggs, yogurt, cereal, low-fat cheese, dishes of beans, fish and meat, milk, fresh juices, honey, and very rarely - desserts. What taboos: pasta, bread, prepared foods, fatty filling and sauces, fast food. The main dietary rules: - Do what you want, but only at the moment the feeling of hunger. As evening serving size decrease. - Eat every day for a spoonful of honey. "Of course, I try to monitor their diet, but to be honest, it does not always work out. For example, I was an attempt rejection of meat - managed to stay only 3 days. I can not help it - really want. " Diet after pregnancy by Adriana Lima Breakfast: porridge or muesli with natural yogurt and raisins, 2-3 egg whites, coffee with milk; Lunch: vegetables with a portion of fish, meat or chicken; Intermediate snacks in the form of a small portion of the chocolate, a teaspoon of honey, raw vegetables (carrot and cucumber); Dinner - a fruit or a vegetable salad.  

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