Salt-free diet for weight loss Marilyn Monroe

Salt-free diet for weight loss Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe   For many years, Marilyn Monroe remains an ideal of beauty and femininity, and it is not surprising. Actress always carefully looked after them and watching their weight. In this it was helped by a variety of diet and exercise. According to rumors, the actress kept her diet in the strictest confidence and used it rarely, because she is very proud of her curvy figure. But after many years, the diet of Marilyn Monroe became public. Under the modern lifestyle of its adaptation it takes a huge amount of nutritionists. The first to experience the diet awarded to Julia Roberts and Whitney Houston. Of course, for every star was chosen individual program, and she came to us in a slightly modified form. The number of calories for the star should not exceed 800 per day. While the daily rate of 2,500 calories. According to the stars, salt-free diet for weight loss allowed to lose about 5 kg in just 5 days.   The main principles of the diet   in the original form of the diet consists of three 5-day cycles, so for 15 days, you can get rid of 15 kg! Pretty impressive figure, is not it? As you might guess from the name, the salt, you should not eat. In this case, the body of excess water out. Also from the diet to exclude fried, sweet, smoked and spicy. Alcohol, strong tea, coffee and sugar have also erase from their menu. In general, fast diet consists of fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs and dairy products. All sauces are recommended to be replaced with olive oil. They also need to fill salads. Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to regain or maintain harmony, that is. You can do different types of cardio workouts to improve performance: swimming, cycling, running, jumping rope, etc.

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