Fast diet - to minus 4 kg for 4 days

Fast diet - to minus 4 kg for 4 days

fast diet   In modern life a lot of depression, stress, lack of a certain kind of physical activity, and the worst thing is wrong and untimely intake of food. This all leads to disastrous results and the accumulation of excess kilos that significantly interfere with your body to make perfect. How can this can be combated? The first thing that may come to mind - is to sit down for a quick diet with which it is possible to lose weight in a very short time. If after some celebrations you feel the extra weight on your body, you do not need to torture yourself long and exhausting diets. Enough for four days fast diet to lose four kilos recruited and in addition at the same time, make a smaller volume of her waist and hips.  

How is the process of dumping of excess weight at a fast diet

  Such a diet will certainly be able to help, and before some important event. The result of which, will be visible even after the first day of use. The most important rule fast diet - is moderation. Do not get too carried away. The strictest diet, it's always a big test, and stress on the body, so you can not apply them more than 2-3 times per year. You should know that quickly dumped kgs, quickly and return. To this there was no need to leave your diet gradually, still more some period of time to limit their bodies for food. It must be completely removed from the diet of junk food and its preparation methods. Most diets provide weight loss of up to 5 kilograms in a short time. Often the diet includes a large number of different varieties of fish, vegetables and lean meat, and recommend taking a variety of vitamin complexes and special supplements. To preserve the beauty and health - it is necessary. For fast diet is a clear list of products. If you follow it, you can throw off 3 kg., Of which the 4 day. After this diet is necessary to move to a smooth normal diet. Basically weight loss in such a short time is due to the fluid output. Another advantage, in addition to the weight loss, this reduction of stomach size in losing weight, if before that he ate a great deal. Not significant and promises about increased metabolism. Low-calorie diet - is stressful for the body, which gives the probability that after the diet, it will try to create an even greater supply of fat. So no need for a longer period to renew a quick diet. After the diet is necessary to refrain from excessive amounts of food. Physical activity can help to activate the metabolism. The combination of a moderate and proper nutrition loads - this is the best option to maintain and regulate weight. It is from this and will depend on a reliable and long lasting result.  

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fast diet plan for 4 days

  The first day will be a day of preparation, which makes it possible to reduce the need for food, and the body insists on its limitations. On this day used different vegetables except corn and potatoes, any fruits, except bananas and grapes are. You can also eat meat diet - chicken breast, turkey meat, and not too fatty kinds of fish. The most useful are citrus fruits and green vegetables. The second day, purely vegetable. For the whole day should eat vegetables alone, with the best raw, baked or cooked on a hot couple. The third day is a day of fruit - berry. The fourth day - will be a repetition of the first, this day, is a smooth transition from fast diet. To quickly removes harmful substances, you need to drink plenty of fluids, around about two liters. The best option - it is low-fat yogurt, green tea and water. It reduces appetite receiving one glass of water or yogurt before eating. If you strongly want to eat, you can snack foods that are allowed. Such a diet in a short time will help get rid of unwanted kilograms. Just before using it is necessary to consult with your doctor.  

Recommendation to fast diet

  Before you start to observe a fast diet should eliminate the two factors - smoking and alcohol. On how much they really affect metabolism. Normal metabolism simply can not be achieved with the use of alcohol and smoking. Although alcohol and does not contain fat, it contains harmful carbohydrates. A particularly sugar, which eventually is deposited as fat accumulation. 1 gram of alcohol 7 kcal fit, it is certainly less than for example in fat, but more than in sugar. To all this, it's just empty calories, which do not allow the body to do any nutrients - minerals, vitamins and proteins. Nutritionists know that the body can not itself produce sodium chloride, which is why the life is impossible without salt. It depends on the quantity and quality of salt. The least amount of sodium chloride, and a lot of the most useful trace elements contained in the ground rock salt, is precisely because it is recommended for use. It is necessary to reduce to a minimum the total amount of its consumption. Meals can be prepared without salt and add it already in the finished dish.  

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Menu fast diet for 4 days

  The first day on a diet   Breakfast: you can eat salad vegetables, orange and green tea. Guests can dine chicken breast with vegetables, apple and drink a glass of water. Dinner: vegetable stew, pineapple, as well as a liquid drink a small cup of yogurt.   The second day on the diet   Breakfast: green tea or yogurt, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. Lunch: soup of celery, baked vegetables with herbs and tea. Dinner: stew and vegetable salad, plus a glass of kefir.   Third day diet   Breakfast: fruit salad permitted and a cup of yogurt. Lunch: yogurt with fruit, tea, fruit and berry puree. Dinner: an orange or other permitted fruit, a cup of yogurt and kiwi.   Fourth day fast diet   is repeated all the menus of the first day. In addition to four-day fast diet is still a large number of express diets that largely allow to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, in a very short period of time.  

Quick summer diet for 5 days

  It is often called - a rigid diet for quick weight loss. This diet is designed for five days. The diet of this diet is very limited. That is why the diet should not be extended period of time. Summer fast diet is as limited as possible of different fats and carbohydrates. All these foods are replaced with plant food. It is because of this summer diet is called. When you finish the proposed diet, you must continue to maintain a low-calorie diet in order to have not returned back to the dumped kgs. Starting with the very first summer months, and sometimes even from the end of spring until late autumn, the gardens and orchards begin to ripen a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs, in which a very large number of natural vitamins and fiber. The main part of the summer diet, perform these foods. Due to the fact that these products contain a variety of vitamins, diet does not cause any harm to your body, but rather gives a great and tangible benefits to health. Should not be neglected, however, and physical activity. Try to do exercises at least for half an hour or an hour a day. This motor activity together with diet, help to reduce the weight of one kilogram per day.  

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Menu rigid diet for quick weight loss

  Breakfast: dry biscuits or toast, and a small piece of rye bread and a cup of unsweetened tea. Lunch: one serving of fresh or stewed cabbage, light soup for fresh vegetables, a small piece of boiled fish, salad from carrots or tomatoes with cucumbers. Dinner: bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, different varieties of cabbage, eggplant, pumpkin and garlic. You can also eat a small piece of rye bread. With this mode of supply is reset two or three kilos over the five days. Feedback from those people who have tried various diets, they say that the main problem - this is not the selection of products, namely the psychological aspect, since it is necessary to restrain myself not to empty the fridge. If you had a hard time to have to restrain your hunger, then you need to pay attention to one more diet.   Fast diet egg-orange   This type of diet is suitable well flabby. Certainly one of the most nutritious foods - are eggs. They are not very high energy value. One egg 70-90 calories. That is why after the use of such products does not feel hunger. At the same time, they actively conducive to weight loss in the diet. In addition, they a lot of useful substances for health. At present oranges vegetable fibers and vitamins Sea. This diet provides a five-day period in which you can get rid of up to three kilograms of excess weight. The essence of this diet is to eat three oranges and two eggs. You need to drink a simple (and it is possible and mineral

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