What should I do if I can not get pregnant?

What should I do if I can not get pregnant?

Preparing for pregnancy

What should I do if I can not get pregnant?

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infertility, get pregnant"Why can not I get pregnant?" - one of the most frequently asked questions on various portals for women and women's forums.

What can prevent the spouses to know the happiness of being a parent and how to solve the problem of the inability to conceive a child? - in these and other questions helped us to understand MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive system, the general director of a network of clinics, "Mother and Child" - Natalia Dankovich.


Infertility - or temporary inability to conceive a baby !?

First of all, we need to understand: you really touched the problem of infertility or just temporarily fails to conceive a child? The reason for the recourse to physicians can be no pregnancy within a yearregular sexual life without contraception. If, however, since the rejection of contraception less than a year - 2-3 months or six months - do not rush to put a diagnosis "infertility." According to doctors, at 30 % couples who do not have health problems, desired pregnancy occurs in the first 3 months of life together. At 60 % - for the next 7 months, and every tenth pregnant couple to 1st wedding anniversary. This means that the long-awaited strips may appear on the test, in the first month, and a year of regular sexual life.

If you are over 35 years, a visit to the doctor should plan within six months of unsuccessful attempts to have a baby.


What could be wrong?

Reasons for the lack of pregnancy so many: lack of ovulation, fallopian tubes, gynecological diseases and infections, sexually transmitted infections, immunological incompatibility, the pathology of the uterus disorders in the number, morphology and motility of sperm from the husband, and so on. In addition, there are cases of infertility in which it is impossible to find out the reason - the so-called unexplained infertility. In total, the World Health Organization identifies 22 causes of female infertility and 18 - male.

In order to establish that it prevents you to conceive a child without the advice of an experienced physician, and a number of analyzes can not do.


Where to begin?

If your attempts to conceive a baby in not successful during the year, begin to determine the cause. Physicians are advised to examine the man first. The stereotype of "infertility - women's issue" was in the past, male factor almost compare with the women, today this ratio - 48 % to 52 %. It is known that male infertility is treated simpler and cost is much cheaper than treatment.

When the cause is found, your doctor will help you determine further treatment strategy. If the problem can be resolved with the help of conservative methods: pills, treatments, candles, do not rush to resort to assisted reproductive technologies. If out-patient treatment was ineffective - do not worry. Modern reproductive technology virtually guarantee a pregnancy after one or more attempts at treatment.

How to find an experienced doctor and a good clinic?

Until August 31, 2013 clinic "Mother and Child", in the framework of the social project "The child in each family", absolutely free examines the spouses, whose dream of the baby has not yet been realized. In "Mother and Child" clinic is staffed by experienced professionals, past practice in the best clinics of reproductive technologies (IVF clinics) Europe and the world. They own the most modern methods of treatment and fertilization, and profess the principles of individual approach. Undergo free screening can absolutely all couples! Sign up for Prima please call (044) 251-3-251 or by notation on the site - http://mdclinics.com.ua/rebenok-v-kazhduyu-semyu


The main thing - peace of mind!

Another important aspect of successful conception - is a mental attitude of the spouses. Many fixated on the desire to become pregnant, and thus affect the outcome of the treatment of positive and fertilization. Remember, for sure you have friends or relatives that after a year or a few years of infertility, returning from a great vacation, learn about the long-awaited pregnancy. This was facilitated by the absence of stress and problems, a good rest. Remember that understanding, harmony and spirit of a positive result, as well as the credibility of the doctor significantly affect the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Whatever the circumstances were at the heart of your inability to get pregnant, if you really want to have a child - do it! Modern reproductive technologies guarantee a successful conception and, importantly, the birth of healthy children in almost all cases of infertility, even - in a bad.

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