Baby food: how to cook healthy food

Baby food: how to cook healthy food

baby food, pizza Baby food is no longer possible to imagine without the pizza, because this dish is eaten almost everywhere: in movies, in advertising and in the cafe. It is best to cook a pizza at home. But often when preparing homemade pizza, we do not understand how much of the fat in the cheese, which comes to 30 percent or more. Of course, ideally, the cheese must be no more than 9 percent fat and dough can make your own. Sometimes it is better to take regular pita bread and add to it all the supplements for pizzas (vegetable, cheese and tomato sauce). By the way, better to prepare the sauce from fresh tomatoes themselves. How to prepare mashed potatoes Helpful: Classical mashed potatoes contains oil and milk, sometimes for a thicker cream flavor is added. Every child likes mashed potatoes, but why his stuff trans-fats? It is best to eliminate unprofitable butter and add olive oil. If 1/3 of the mashed potato substitute cauliflower puree, then you get a dish with helpful for the child with dietary fibers. How to cook a useful Chips: Chips are usually prepared in a deep oil that terribly unprofitable. But it is possible to please kids with colored chips, baked in the oven. This can take the potato and yam (sweet potato) and cut into strips, mix with rapeseed oil and a small amount of salt to bake in an oven at high temperature. Keep in mind that the sweet potato is cooked faster than potatoes. How to cook a wholesome chocolate cake: Sure, chocolate cake favorite dessert for children and one can hardly call it a healthy dish. But if you replace butter and cream, which contain trans fats rapeseed oil, the cake will be much more useful. 200 g butter can be replaced by a single glass rapeseed oil.

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