Diet Dr. Kirk - minus 5 kg for two weeks

Diet Dr. Kirk - minus 5 kg for two weeks

weight loss   Two-thirds of women are always dissatisfied with their weight - a medical fact. After the summer, many feel a little heavy with. But to sit on a rigid diet and the more hungry is not the time - and as vitamins in the winter is not enough. British nutritionist has developed a sparing diet for those who want to quickly postroynet with health benefits. 54-year-old Dr. Fiona Kirk offers a detailed menu for each day. Super-popular diet in Europe now does not leave you hungry, does not deprive the dinner and makes a healthy variety. DAY ONE Breakfast (8-10 am): fresh fruit, fruit juices or cocktails. Lunch (12 hours) 100 g of unsalted nuts. Lunch (15-16 hours): Bouillon with barley, vegetable salad with cheese (such as Bulgarian). In the middle of the day (18 hours): steam omelet. Dinner (20-21 h): Grilled salmon steak with olive oil and fry over moderate heat for about seven or eight minutes. Sprinkle with lemon juice. DAY TWO Breakfast: fruit salad, green tea. Lunch: oatmeal cookies, salad of canned salmon and cucumber. Lunch: potato soup, chicken salad (Caesar type, but without refilling mayonnaise). In the middle of the day: you can catch wholegrain bun. Dinner: chicken breast without skin, cooked for 10-15 minutes for a couple, then grill for two or three minutes. DAY THREE Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit juices. Lunch: a salad of fresh vegetables. Lunch: chicken or beef soup with celery, light salad. In the middle of the day: pumpkin pancakes. Dinner: piece of chicken curry and salad of fresh spinach or fish fillet steamed or baked in foil. FOURTH DAY Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit juices. Lunch: cold boiled chicken, tomatoes and fresh nuts. Lunch: Chechevinaya chowder, steamed vegetables. In the middle of the day: Vegetable salad with salsa. Dinner: Boiled or grilled shrimp (150 grams) with lettuce. DAY FIVE Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit juices. Lunch: salad of beans. Lunch: vegetable soup with chicken, salad without mayonnaise. In the middle of the day: Raw vegetables and cottage cheese. Dinner: steak of lean meat with lemon zest, a pinch of cinnamon and olive oil to fry on the grill for four minutes on each side for fans of "pink" meat, or a little longer until cooked. Before serving, pour the lamb small amount of orange juice. SIXTH DAY Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit juices. Lunch: olives with feta cheese. Lunch: Chicken soup and salad with spinach. In the middle of the day: a small bundle of fresh nuts. Supper: a slice of pork tenderloin, seasoned with a small amount of chili sauce. Cooking grill for two minutes, then turn and prepare two more minutes. Serve with slices of fresh apples and chopped fresh coriander or mint. DAY SEVEN Breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit juice, tea. Lunch: Raw vegetables and guacamole (avocado puree appetizer, can be used as a thick sauce). Lunch: chicken and light soup, vegetable salad. At midday: salad of asparagus and celery stalks. Dinner: gyros - pieces of meat with vegetables (fresh vegetables, spices) in corn tortillas. In the second week to adhere to the same diet from the first to the seventh day. Each serving should not exceed 100-150 grams. And no alcohol and cakes!

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