Diet Jennifer Aniston

Diet Jennifer Aniston

Judging by the way looks young in its years, the actress Jennifer Aniston, she knows some secret that she would not wish to disclose.

As for her figure, no secrets no more. A few days ago an American nutritionist Carrie VIAT, founder of the shipping service health food Diet Desings, admitted that Jennifer uses the services of its company.

As with other clients, Jennifer Aniston food delivered home in a cooler bag. Set of dietary dishes for a week costs about 300 dollars.

For Jennifer, - says nutritionist - we have compiled a menu that is dominated by protein foods and low in carbohydrates. At the same time, the dishes contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. Allowed dairy products and wine. And, of course, no semi-finished products.

The Russian finished dietary meals offered by restaurateur Arkady Novikov. His firm Just for you engaged in the delivery of healthy meals at home and in offices in Moscow and Moscow region.

The kitchen offers several programs to choose from - for intense weight loss, for a balanced diet, vegetarian menu, and others. Awesome. However, services are prohibitively Arkady Novikov, even more expensive than in America. For example, the 10-day feeding program costs about 1,000 euros. Jennifer Aniston would be very surprised.

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