Diet Lima Vajkule

Diet Lima Vajkule

Lyme Vajkule belongs to the category of unique women. These singers on the national stage unit. Her style is impeccable, his voice - is unique, and the figure is admired. Many believe - Lima managed to turn back the years.

In fact, in great shape star there is nothing supernatural. According to most of Lima Vajkule, her perfect figure - the result of a heavy daily work. "To maintain a perfect figure, you need to work on it", - said the singer. - "We need to stick to a diet and streamlined way of
life. We, the artists, it is difficult to stick to a diet, so you have to periodically starve immediately give up your favorite foods. "

Recently, for performances on stage were added, and take care of business. Today, Lima - the owner of the prestigious Latvian beauty salon «Laima Lux». "In itself almost no time", - says the star. - "Thoroughly the weight I do not follow, but if you feel that gained more than 4 kg of my weight, it is time to go on a diet."

Hard to believe that sophisticated Lyme - in the life of an ordinary person, and indulges in little ways. "At first, I eat, eat, eat, then do not eat, do not eat, do not eat. This is my diet, "- confessed Vajkule. - "All the tasty is bad for the figure, but what to do with it is necessary to live somehow."

Lyme Vajkule really found a way to quickly throw off the extra weight through a special diet. "A couple of days I'm starving, drink only water, tea and coffee, eat almost anything," - says Laima experience. - "If this does not work, then I sit on the nine-day diet. The first three days: rice without salt and oil; the second three days: chicken breast. The last three days of eating only apples. The effect is stunning! Every day - minus kilogram! ".

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Lyme Vajkule uses monodiet consisting of three periods. It is gentle enough power mode, which combines the singer with mild exertion. But do not forget that any mono-diet - a lot of stress to the body. Therefore, before you use it, consult a doctor.

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