Diet Japanese geisha minus 7 kg for 5 days

Diet Japanese geisha minus 7 kg for 5 days

Japanese diet   It is known that the Japanese geisha tiny and fragile, which is why the secret to their harmony of interest to many girls. A geisha on a diet right now a lot of talk. So what is it? This diet is based on the use of three products: milk, rice and green tea. Each of these products operates smoothly, so worry about the constant feeling of hunger during the diet is not necessary. It is designed for 5 days; although those who have often resorted to her aid, claiming that great results can be achieved if repeat the course in about 10-14 days. In this case, the first time there will be a preparatory. In the first five days the body clear of slag and liquid: thanks to this during the second course of the effect will be stronger (sometimes twice the result obtained after the first time). But the Japanese diet geisha - quite hard, so to increase its duration is undesirable. Diet during this diet monotonous. For breakfast, you need to drink 400 ml of green tea with milk in a ratio of 1: 1. For lunch, prepares a plate of rice without salt and drink a glass of warm milk. For dinner instead of milk fed to the rice green tea with milk (200 ml). During the day, you can still drink 2 cups of green tea (but not add to it milk) and drink lightly carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water. During the diet can not eat sugar, butter, salt and spices. If we talk about the foods that are eaten during the diet, the diet of Japanese geishas originally based on brown rice, because it has sufficient minerals, vitamins and fiber. Furthermore, it does not form a fat reserves, but sufficiently saturates the body. Now, there is an opinion that a variety of rice is not critical, because they do not have a significant effect on the result of diet. As regards milk, it will be advantageous to milk with a fat content of 2,5 % and 1,5 %. Fully skimmed as the very fat - not the best option for the diet. Contraindications to the diet is the plague of the 12-tiperstnoj intestines and stomach, gastritis, pregnancy and lactation. Weight loss up to 7 kilograms after passage of one year and 16 kg - during the second course of 10-14 days. If the interval between courses to eat separately, it will be able to not only get rid of the extra kilos, but also to prevent that the weight regained. And it is much more important than just to lose weight for a while!

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