Nutritionists have uncovered the beneficial properties of onion

Nutritionists have uncovered the beneficial properties of onion

bow   Throughout the familiar onion, it has long been considered a cheap and popular vegetable. Wherever possible it is used for food, and cheese, and boiled for different dishes. People use it for thousands of years. A still use bow for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Onions unchanged in the kitchen vegetable. For a variety of dishes, perfectly match for almost any dish. It allows to give the food a unique flavor and unique. It contains a lot of iron, it is very useful for the organism. Because of its constant use will protect against anemia and other diseases, according to Almost all good in bulb onions, that is, after the heat treatment is maintained. Dishes, in which there is a bow, made fragrant and delicious, and they are well stimulate the production of gastric juice. And because of this well-digested food. Onions operates well as a sedative, if it constantly take it and deliver from insomnia by nerve excitation. It contains antimicrobials, volatile organic substances, which will relieve the infection and inflammation. Traditional healers from old times treat colds onions. In large onions have a large number of necessary vitamins, they increase the body's immunity and eliminate the avitominoz. In other words, the vegetable that is sold in every grocery store, and easy to grow in the ground, is considered a universal remedy for many diseases.

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