Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway

The star of independent film muse Kusturica and Polanski, Faye Dunaway - is not just an actress, this time the heroine and style icon. How did the great actress's career over the years, as work alongside a personal life, and today develops the fate of the legendary Bonnie - you learn in this article.


Future film star was born January 14, 1941. Faye Dunaway walked out of the most ordinary family: her father, John, was a military man, and her mother Grace - a housewife. Faye childhood passed in constant moving, related to the family of the father service. Parents lived far from soul to soul, and Faye wanted to grow up quickly and leave their dysfunctional paternal house. Fortunately Faye Dunaway soon discovered his acting inclinations, and was determined to go to university in the theater department.


Faye easily enough talent to make it easily entered the University of Florida. She graduated from the theater department, and in 1962 she started to work as an actress in the American National Theater. In the same year, Faye Dunaway appeared on Broadway for the first time: in the production of «A Man for All Seasons» actress got the role of the daughter of Sir Thomas More.

Working in the theater was Fay constantly, but any young actress wants to star in a movie. So after a few years Dunaway implemented and this his plan. 1967 was the starting point of the filmography of the actress. The first films - "Happening" and "Hurry sunset" - is an episodic appearance of Faye in the frame, the paintings themselves are unremarkable.

But in the same year, Faye Dunaway managed to get a role that glorified her forever made an idol and an icon of style. Faye was cast gangstershi Bonnie Parker in the sensational film "Bonnie and Clyde."

After the release of this Faye Dunaway faced a wave of proposals: the role in the movie, a photo shoot for the popular glossy magazines. In the 1970 film career Faye was on the rise, she got a lot of bright and diverse roles:

  • Vicki Anderson in "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968);
  • Mrs. Louise Pendreyk in "Little Big Man" (1970);
  • Jill in the "House under the trees" (1971);
  • Lady in "The Three Musketeers: Charms Queen" (1973) and "The Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge" (1974);
  • Evelyn Mulroy in "Chinatown" (1974);
  • Diana Christensen in "Tele-networks" (1976);
  • Wanda in "drunk" (1987);
  • Elaine Stalker in "Arizona Dream" (1993);
  • Wilhelmina Cooper in "Gia" (1998).

In the '80s there was a small decline in the popularity of Faye Dunaway directors. All the fault of a role in the unsuccessful film - grown old actress Joan Crawford can not accept the twilight of his career (biographical film "Dear Mom"). The role of the spoiled little Faye reputation: the actress received the award infamous "Golden Raspberry". However, this "fly in the ointment" fully compensated for all other services Dunaway in the film - a few "Golden Globe", one honorary "Oscar" and a lot of nominations.

Personal life

Alluring beauty and power of charm Faye Dunaway always attracted to the actress a lot of interesting and colorful boyfriends. One of them was Marcello Mastroianni - the star of the Italian cinema. At the time of the meeting Marcello and Faye actor was already married. Lovers for some time met in secret, but when Fay realized that Mastroianni did not intend to throw his wife, the couple broke up.

After that painful experience Faye no longer violated his strict rule not to mix work and personal life. The actress was married twice. First wife of film star was Peter Wolf - guitarist of rock band Geils Band. Fei fell in love with him at first sight, when one accidentally fell on a rock concert. So the two brightest stars from two different worlds met, came together and lived together for a very short extravagant and shared history - a total of five years.

Second husband Dunaway became Terry O'Neill - a famous British photographer. This union lasted, too, did not last long - seven years. In 1980, the couple had a son, Liam, in 1987, Terry and Faye divorced.

After all the setbacks in his personal life Dunaway decided to lock my heart on lock. Any relationship that appeared the actress after the second divorce, positioned it as a passing fad, as it is first of all in a hurry to inform the partner. In his autobiographical book "Waiting for Gatsby 'actress outlined all the love of his life experiences. It's amazing how sometimes fate plays a cruel fate: unlike real life, Dunaway on screen has always been very lucky in love.

actress today

Since the 1990s, the actress appears less frequently in films. In 1996 the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, there was a star, immortalized the name of Faye Dunaway. The last time Faye screen appeared in 2009 in the film "Balladina" with a cameo role. The actress is a modest and private lifestyle. Once recognized as one of the most beautiful women of the XX century, today Faye realizes that the years take their toll, and try if possible not to appear in public.

Style Faye Dunaway

To the cinema

After the release of the film "Bonnie and Clyde" in theaters Faye Dunaway inadvertently popularized the image embodied by it on the screen. Smooth bob-bob, scarf and beret, shifted on one side were the main trends of a decade. Many designers began to introduce similar attributes in their collections, photographers conducted a photo shoot in the style of Bonnie and Clyde specifically for the articles in glossy fashion magazines. Even today, such a photo shoot in high demand.

In life

It is worth noting that Faye Dunaway established itself in Hollywood glory of a woman with a difficult character, but it is very sexy. And these traits perfectly complement and complete her style of dress. In the wardrobe of Faye has always opposed the two extremes: the fragile and touching bands side by side in the arsenal of the actress with power and aggressive way. Along with luxurious dresses Fei loved to flaunt in a suit borrowed from the masculine style.

If we analyze the style, which showed the actress in her youth, especially at the peak of his film career (1970-1980 gg.), You can find there a lot of sets or individual elements that are relevant today. For example, these are images in casual style, embodied with the help of white chinos and a sand-colored turtlenecks, jeans or a suit - pants with slightly flared cut and jumper. Very original and will look appropriate and those sunglasses.

As for color preferences, the actress appeared as often in public in black, black and white, pink or coral dress. As a young man could afford to show preppy style. I could wear plain clothes and two-color. It could be a simple black turtleneck, decorated with silver chains and pendants, and can be tricky mini-skirt, is balanced by a strict cloak. In adulthood, Faye went on a low-key classics.

In his time in numerous photo shoots Faye Dunaway showed a lot of delightful beauty-bow: it is the image of a naughty girl, pretty darling girl and doll make-up, and the best specimens of the style vamp.

Even in recent years, when the actress is already 70, Faye still demonstrates the high style and the ability to create amazing images. So, on one of the social events Dunaway appeared in a stunning dress: the length of the floor, the combination of velvet and chiffon transparent, elegant clutch and high gloves - all in the spirit of a true lady.

Another option - a pantsuit. First - a combination of white and pastel colors, the second - black and white complete with luxurious jacket having a deep cut, decorated with ruffles. Both trouser set consistently complete classic boats in the ensemble range.

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