The main causes of child disobedience

The main causes of child disobedience

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The main causes of child disobedience

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children of disobedienceWe have found that parents have good reason to pursue the children of obedience. Reasons for something to eat, and obedience as there was no and no! At least to the extent to which I would like to ... Should parents demand perfect obedience on the grounds that they want to preserve the health of children, teach them how to live in society and to respect others? The answer is - no. Children have a lot of reasons not to be fully compliant. And they are no less strong than that of adults. The reason №1: Temperament and character. If your child is very obedient, rejoice. So he's very active and independent. Naughty children, who know the rules, but nevertheless sometimes violate them, have the energy for change. They become those adults who are capable of destroying the outdated dogma. Thanks to them, may develop. They have since childhood have innovative thinking, their own view of the world and its laws. They are from those who are not inclined to "stupid" to obey. They ask questions about why the rules are exactly as propose new rules replace the old, sometimes fiercely debated, arguing their case. And though it is exhausting parents, educators and teachers, they grow into those who can be proud of. Reason №2: The way of growing up. some interesting mechanisms in its nature to the normal mental development of children. The first - at the age of 1.5 years the child gradually begins to "hold" to motivate his object, phenomenon, and resists attempts to distract himself - even if he was watching carefully as the sand poured out of his hand on his leg or tea from a mug, murmuring, pouring onto pol.Falenopsis second - in order to achieve the goal is to ignore all that hinders it. Including (and perhaps especially) and your "no"! The above mechanisms allow it to go forward, knowing the world. Therefore, if the question is not about security, it is necessary to understand what the research task is the child's behavior. And to help him organize the process so that there is no more cleaning! A source:

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