Israeli clinic has lowered prices for Ukrainians

Israeli clinic has lowered prices for Ukrainians


Israeli clinic has lowered prices for Ukrainians

03/18/2015 print Email

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The AMG Medical treatment price for patients from the CIS countries decreased by 30 %. To get the discount, you must register on the company's website

"We understand how difficult the conditions were reflected on the possibilities of the CIS citizens, who want to get high-quality treatment and medical care in Israel. The current situation causes huge losses the industry of medical tourism of Israel, but that the worst thing, it often actually takes away a chance to live with those who are not lucky to be born in a country that does not have high-quality medicine. Recognizing this, as well as its responsibility for addressing to us, but later refuse treatment for financial reasons, people, we decided to go to unprecedented conditions: we offer individual prices and the significant discount of up to 30 % »- CEO« AMG Medical »Michael Braverman.

Under the anti-crisis program covers all types of medical procedures, for which prices are formed for each client individually, as well as all kinds of surveys. At last a discount of up to 30 %.

To get the discount to patients fill out the contact form on the website of the company enough After the filing of medical coordinators communicate with the client and to the discussion of his problems, as well as part-time pre-consultation with a doctor in Israel, constitute a treatment program. Prices on all treatments in this program will be significantly lower than the "pre-crisis".

This action is limited in time. To clarify the terms must contact the managers of the company.


Company «AMG Medical» renders services of the organization and support to Israel for treatment of patients from around the world since 2005.


Free call from Russia : 8800555 25 77
Phone in Israel : +972 (3) 503-88-18, +972 (54) 770-08-84
a Skype : amg-medical
Web site : http: // imedicaltour. ru
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Israel, Tel Aviv 6971005 street. Habarzel, 3

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