How to deal with dependence on sweet - expert advice

How to deal with dependence on sweet - expert advice

diet   It wanted something sweet? This craving for the forbidden particularly noticeable in cold weather: if the body rebelled and urgently demands: I want and that's it! How to be, even if all the previous advice of nutritionists do not help? Are you sure you know all the effective methods? Then let's list them together, and at the same time talk about the new, the unusual, but partly also effective ways to remove the "sweet dependency" on sweets and chocolates.    Tips to combat dependency on sweet   If a person simply can not resist the sweet languor, is worth a try to get to the nearest bathroom and brush your teeth. Well as advise dentists, walk not only on the enamel, but also promassazhirovat gums. Brushing your teeth should take no less than five minutes of your precious time. Already during cleaning will be noticeable as literally craving for sweets decrease in seconds, because the taste buds have already sent a strong signal to the brain about the change "mood" in the mouth: the sweet - to fresh. Unbearably want? Well, then you can eat. Just do not sugar, and protein meal. Suitable cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, fish, meat, nuts ... All that naturally rich in protein, leads to normal blood sugar levels, thereby "quenching" "sweet hunger" somewhere around twenty minutes after the end of the meal.   From sweet to refuse can not be   strange to see this advice, but it is. Doctors say there have to sweet. But only after the body cope with the first and second courses, that is - for dessert. The fact is that after a good lunch or dinner in the stomach is almost no room for a sweet and burning desire to "eat with giblets" a large piece of cake or a couple of chocolate bars will go without problems. Choose one day a week for the "sweet saturation." This council gives nutritionists those who, together with an attempt to stabilize or reduce your weight is trying to "train" your willpower. The principle is this: once a week, do not limit yourself apart, but without action is not consumed! Only during the other six days it is required to "work out" the "Honey Day", performing hard expert advice without any "can not" and "do not want". These tips - typical and effective. But there are others that may well be called paradoxical, but effective. So, sometimes necessary to do a "chocolate a day." One of the nutritionists offers its customers not to bother prohibitions, and to take and create "unloading chocolate denok": buy one hundred and fifty grams of a good chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 % or higher. Divide it into six equal portions during the day to feed them every two hours. Last reception - no later than eight o'clock. Chocolate not chew, just put in your mouth and dissolve until complete melting. Water and tea in the day relies drink without any restrictions. There is also a Council of eating sweets only from five to six-thirty in the evening. This decision was put forward for the sweet tooth is one of Switzerland's leading nutritionists. According to his calculations, the hour and a half - the best time for the "adoption" sweet terms of biorhythms. Karl Lagerfeld in his "sixty" has decided to throw a decent and took advantage of his French nutritionist recommendation: do not eat a treat, and just a small amount of time to hold it in your mouth - and spit it out. Of course, it is unusual for us, but why not try it, if not sorry for products ... Finally, a simple and effective way - to replace the "bad" sugar helpful: include berry diet, nectarine, and a couple of times a week "to indulge "a little piece of cookies or a spoon of condensed milk ... The main thing - in all comply with the measure and did not go beyond the limits of reasonable!  

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