How long to stay young and beautiful

How long to stay young and beautiful

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How long to stay young and beautiful

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Why do some women to old age are interesting, retain the charm and appeal, while others are already to 30 years turn into boring aunts without age? Let's deal together. Heredity. Yes, of course, to some extent it helps to live longer and look better, but it is not so important to give up, for those who have no such bonus. Usually, if we have 30 years of liver problems as a mother or a "rescue" circle instead of the waist like a grandmother, we say - heredity. In fact, she made do with it, just like we used to eat my mother and grandmother, and therefore suffer from the same problems. Therefore, a woman with a young man should think - "what kind of life I must lead, not to suffer the same problems?". Nutrition. Yes, again, it is because most of the health problems, skin, body shape and general well-being is associated with malnutrition. Firstly, we are chronically overeat. Yes, chronically! After all, we move a little, but eat as if every day we need to unload on the car with coal. Second, eat junk, greasy, high-calorie food with a minimum of nutrients and maximum chemistry. On such a diet over the years we live, so we make our money for 30 years in a lot of chronic diseases, and how long to stay young, if health is no longer? Motion. To live a long time and still maintain a normal appearance is necessary to move a lot, as we would any laziness - it is an axiom. But now not even children are moving. They are like old men are sitting behind computers. Adults, too, in most cases, behave as people with disabilities - out of the apartment to the elevator, the elevator in the car, from the car to the office the whole day sitting, then everything is repeated in reverse order: a car, a lift, a sofa. Atrophied muscles practically, what is really there youth. Fresh air. Man needs to breathe fresh air, but we have even the villagers manage to score a housing furnished with a mass of chemical secretions, hide behind plastic windows, and then complain about allergies, headaches and fatigue. Absence of stress. Of course, to live a life without stress is not possible. But, first, we must be engaged in their prevention - from childhood to explain to the child that is worthy of attention and excitement, and just little things in life. Secondly, it is necessary to engage in such prevention own - also to understand what is really important and what is secondary and not worth your health in your life. Third, do not save the problem, do not try to pull all the same and do not hang on the decision of foreign troubles. Skin care. Care for the skin should be about 20 years old and do it regularly. For example, a person every day needs cleansing, moisturizing, toning, protection and nutrition. The older the woman, the higher must be its beauty affinity, but regardless of their price, they will do no good if they simply stand on a shelf. New technologies. Now with the help of various procedures and techniques of cosmetic surgery you can look young to the very old age and some of them are very low cost options. Health. To preserve youth, need to monitor their health. This means regular visits to the gynecologist, dentist and physician. If you have any chronic diseases, it is necessary to undergo regular inspection by the relevant specialist. Optimism. Women who love to whine, complain of destiny, to condemn others grow old prematurely. Try not to think about someone not bad, do not communicate with whiners and losers, even if it is your family, watch comedy, play with your children, read funny books and collections of anecdotes. Love and sex. A woman feel like a woman, with her must be a man. There is nothing that makes care for themselves as a new love, and if the partner is much younger, women manage to throw in a short period of 10-15 years. It is not only the wonders of cosmetic surgery, hormonal changes in the body and it rejuvenates. Indulge in sex in the first place, it is one of the most exciting parts of people's lives, and secondly - it is a good shake-up for the body - physical, hormonal, energetic. Communing with nature. Even a simple walk in the park improves mood, tone, relieves stress, and a multi-day hike or a month in the country to help another person feel. Drop adventurism. How long to stay young if you are not interested in new places, lessons, extreme sports, role-playing and computer games, exhibitions, museums, tours, concerts, water parks and amusement? If you have worked all my life in one place, resting on one resort and weekend dedicated general cleaning, then do not complain that you are in your 35 feel old woman, in my heart you are it and!   Female Journal

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