How to protect your legs from varicose veins: a compression garment

How to protect your legs from varicose veins: a compression garment


How to protect your legs from varicose veins: a compression garment

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Not every woman manages to preserve the health and perfect body after childbirth. The secret lies in the constant attraction The correction hee restorative beauty treatments, exercise, and regular wear compression stockings for delivery.

Medical indications

Pregnancy and childbirth - complex and specific phase, accompanied by numerous processes in the body: the change in hormonal levels, body weight, blood pressure, increase in load on the vessel walls.

Almost every woman faces with a set of excess weight as a result - the appearance of stretch marks, the formation of vascular reticulum, swelling, pain and tension in the legs.

Problems with blood vessels is a direct indication for the purpose of compression stockings. Recommend jersey must physician phlebologist.

Modern underwear has worked very well. Waist wear stockings to  reduce the load on the legs, preventing vascular mesh, risk prevention of varicose veins, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis .

preventive action

Elastic compression bandaging and - the traditional method of preserving the health of our feet. For many years, embolic stockings are used in medical practice.

Compression garment ensures the correct distribution of pressure and normalize blood circulation legs:

  • improved venous outflow of blood;
  • reduced load on the vessels;
  • excluded stagnant fluid.

Varicose veins can produce serious complications, including allergic dermatitis, varicose ulcers, eczema and bleeding. About 4 % women are faced with a true insidiousness of the disease - the symptoms are manifested not only in the legs, but in the groin and external genitalia. Therefore, in order to prevent wear jersey recommended for pregnant women in the first months after birth.

The use of compression stockings significantly reduces the load on the legs, especially in the last months of pregnancy. You will be able to focus on preparing for the appearance of their baby and the positive side, without being distracted nanapryazhenie, pain and thoughts of purple stretch marks.

A nice addition to a prophylactic and cosmetic effect is an aesthetic appearance and a variety of compression stockings.


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compression classes

There are four classes of compression:

class of 18-21 mm Hg. Art. - appointed by the expectant mothers suffering from swelling of the legs, varicose veins mesh, telangiectases, functional flebopitiyami, for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

II  class of 23-32 mm Hg. Art. - shown pregnant at varikotromboflebite, the therapy after flebosklerozirovaniya and after surgeries.

III  class of 34-46 mm Hg. Art. - Designed with deep vein thrombosis, varicose disease, accompanied by edema and trophic disorders, with limbofenoznoy posttromboflebicheskoy failure and disease.

IV  class of more than 49 mm. Hg. Art. - indicated for congenital flebodisplazii and pregnant women with limfodermoy.

Sizes and types

Proper sizing, careful handling helps to achieve optimal preventive, curative effect and long service jersey.

compression stockings


compression underwear

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