Cabbage Soup Diet - minus 5 kg

Cabbage Soup Diet - minus 5 kg

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Cabbage Soup Diet - minus 5 kg

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cabbage Soup dietCabbage - a unique product, and deserves this title not only for the special composition - it is, in general, each fruit or vegetable its own, and find the "chemical" double particular product is quite problematic - but also for what is a good diet tool . Cabbage gives complete freedom of action - it is useful in the cheese, and in finished form as a constant ingredient of your meals, and a temporary break in the plant nutrition.   New flavors   The easiest and most convenient method of weight loss on the cabbage is based on the replacement of the usual high-calorie foods more easily. In other words, instead of heavy vegetables such as potatoes, try to add to soups and side dishes cabbage. Green leaves are particularly easily in the middle portion of the weight of 230 grams contains 22 calories - it is a cheese product. Try replacing the cabbage and other vegetable products does not, because it goes well with meat and flour products. If you take this method with sufficient attention, and not allow excesses - caloric intake will decrease, creating a need for weight loss calorie deficit.   long-lasting effect   For those who are not accustomed to long stand at the stove, we offer another option. Main meals leave unchanged, and only snack cabbage, preferably raw. In cabbage directly two substances to facilitate rapid saturation: water and fiber. The first is a natural way to reduce appetite, and the second creates a long-lasting feeling of satiety. As a result, you are not only satisfied cabbage snack, but also reduces the amount of subsequent meals. However, you will need to carefully listen to the needs of the organism, so that under the influence of mood or the mouth-watering smells do not eat more than they actually want.    Added bonus   Like any vegetable, cabbage contains many vitamins and minerals. Especially relevant is the immunostimulatory vitamin C - in a 230-gram serving more than half of the daily requirement. To present considerable doses useful for women folic acid, potassium, magnesium, and are quite rare, and therefore neznamenity vitamin K. To complement the nutrient supply, do not forget about meat with vitamin B, calcium dairy products and unsaturated fats with vitamin E - all this wonderful cabbage complements the menu.   The balance of speed and quality   If you want to squeeze the cabbage maximum dietary properties, it is possible, of course, go to the full weekly cabbage diet. Menu is simple: vegetable soup with cabbage, tomatoes and a small amount of green on a meat broth. The effect is impressive: on a diet dropping to 5 kg. However, consider it only as an extra option - a monotonous diet with outrageously low calorie can not replace proper nutrition, and people with diabetes on a cabbage diet problems with maintaining the level of sugar. A

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