Caesarean section and its impact on the child

Caesarean section and its impact on the child


Caesarean section and its impact on the child

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cesarean birth, the babyWhen doctors advise women to do a cesarean, many are asking the question: Is it on the child will not be reflected? In physiological terms, natural childbirth is correct, but if circumstances are such that can not do without surgery? Let's look at the main issues arising in this case.
The main problem cesarean is that the baby very quickly comes into the world, not going all the way to the generic. Kesarenok does not have time to adapt to the new conditions of life, its respiratory and circulatory system is not prepared - all this causes shock and decreased immunity.
In the first days of life the child is more susceptible to infectious diseases. During natural childbirth the baby gets used to a gradual change in pressure in the mother's womb, but, at the time of caesarean section differential pressure occurs more rapidly. This can adversely affect the baby, and sometimes causes microbleeds in the brain.
During cesarean section chest baby does not get a natural massage, which is why the amniotic fluid remains inside the lungs. It can cause rapid breathing, apnea, pneumonia.
Effect of cesarean psychologically on the child
As mentioned earlier, the baby feels the shock of too rapid birth and it may affect his unformed psyche. These children are more dependent on the mother, and in the future on a subconscious level is more closely tied to it. The development of natural abilities can occur with a slight delay.
Kid for cesarean section was initially unable to test their strength - it is literally pulled from the mother's womb. This may cause it to self-doubt and excessive kindness.
Is the kesarenok from an ordinary child?
All children are different from each other, and this has an effect on a significant number of factors. Focus on caesarean section - at least unwise.
The kid is really the first time will be slightly different if a cesarean section due to the testimony from the child (this can be due to health problems). But if a caesarean is assigned by the mother, the baby will come even faster "the norm." In general, there is no strong differences.
But in any case, on the feasibility of such an operation, the solution is to take a qualified doctor. After all, in the first place should be a favorable outcome of childbirth and the health of both mother and child.
Effect of cesarean section on a woman
Many women are afraid of cesarean section - even if there is a risk, it is still surgery. Operation affects not only on the mother but also to the baby, but that does not mean that it has a negative effect. After cesarean section to restore a woman will need more time than normal childbirth, so the house should comply with all the requirements and advice of a doctor.
A negative impact on a child more than the mother has postpartum depression, lack of love and attention. Therefore, a woman should try to prevent depression before pregnancy.
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