A set of exercises for slimming postpartum

A set of exercises for slimming postpartum

childbirth, exercise, mother Being a mom - this is happiness and joy infinite touching care and new emotions, a whole rainbow of feelings, which previously did not know you know. But not only. Unfortunately, the happiness of motherhood on the appearance and the shape does not always affect positively. Stretch marks and swelling, dry skin and hair, extra weight ... last - the main problem of 98 % just given birth women. Get into the usual fashion clothing is not possible, in the fitting shop in the mirror look no joy does not deliver. About to go to the beach or the pool - think terribly. What to do?   General recommendations   There are all sorts of exercises to lose weight after giving birth, but before starting to implement them, mind you a few tips:

  • as long as until the end will not stop bleeding - no physical exertion! This does not affect walking and carrying a baby in her arms, but: swim, run, lift weights, push-ups and rock press, and perform all sorts of power and aerobic exercise you is strictly prohibited;
  • on the expiration of a period of 3-5 weeks (assuming that you have borne on their own and received no breaks, stitching, or other problems), for those who have had a C - 8-10 weeks, after consultation with your doctor gynecologist and (preferably ) therapist can gradually begin to employment;
  • start with a maximum of 10 minutes, slowly and gradually increase the load. It is not necessary to train for an hour, better 2-3 times a day, not overstrained;
  • in addition to the special exercises, walk more, a sufficient amount of time, sleep and eat properly: fractional, small portions; Eat at least 7-8 glasses of water or broth, stewed fruit, green herbal tea per day; do not forget about multivitamin complexes for nursing mothers.
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Step by step and "time-phased" instructions So you consult a doctor, received all the necessary advice and information, feel great and crave to return to the "battle" - tightened shape. Now it is necessary to choose the best exercise to lose weight after giving birth, it is suitable to you. What we will try to help.  

  • Your baby 1-3 months. The best charging in this period for you - regular long festivities with a stroller or sling. During the summer, the sling and "kangaroo" is preferable since establishing close physical contact between mother and child. Which, incidentally, contributes to your weight loss, as well - maintaining mental and mental harmony. More often wear a toddler in her arms, putting on her stomach and deeply ( "diaphragmatic") breathe - the muscles gradually catch up, retracts the excess fat from the waist and arms. You can do yoga, stretching (stretching), cardio (based on the control of breathing). Sudden movements while it is better avoided. Train to 7th sweat too early. You can use feetball.
  • The child of 3-6 months. Yoga, pilates, swimming recommended. Strengthen your back and keeps your posture. Abdominal exercises, arm, leg muscles and buttocks - in a moderate mode, with the necessary rest, abundant by drinking and ventilation of the room. Dance classes (as special for moms and conventional groups: classical, eastern, Latin American and even a strip dance) will benefit not only your figure, but also enhance self-esteem and confidence in their own attractiveness and emancipation (which we only We are recovering from the delivery, so lacking).
  • Your pipsqueak has from 6 to 9 months old. At this time, useful: running, bicycle riding, sit-ups, push-ups, a standard set of exercises at the press, aerobic and strength training (no more than 75 % intensity of your "pre-pregnancy" loads).
  • Baby 9-12 months. It's time to seriously engage in the figure, pull yourself together and start to engage in full force. Swim and dive, jump rope and trampoline, roller-skating, skiing and ice skating, is involved with dumbbells ... Ideally, the excess weight gained during normal pregnancy, the end of the first year after giving birth to go. And again - hello, dear to the heart and eye clothes in the wardrobe, high-heeled shoes and separate bathing suits!
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Proven exercises to lose weight consider a few basic exercises that will help get in shape after giving birth:  

  • The well-known "Pussy". Everything is simple: get up on all fours, arch back "arc" on the inhale and count to 4. On the exhale, relax the muscles, flex back through - up to 4. Repeat 10-15 times;
  • Lie down on your back, bend your knees, relax. On the inhale, lift the hips as high as possible, tearing them off the floor, the back does not bend. Count to 10; exhale, dropping. Repeat 10 times;
  • Sit on the edge of a chair, straighten your back bend your knees. On the exhale, straighten your legs, lifting them up off the floor. Keep at least until the bill 10, slowly lower, not "throw". Have a rest. Repeat at least 10 times;
  • Ordinary push-ups (you can rely on bent knees) will strengthen the fine arms and chest, tight stomach and back straight.

Finally - a piece of advice: be patient and consistent, do not expect to instantly become old feechkoy, easy and worry-free, weightless and slender, as in "doberemennoe 'time. Do not give up and think positively, then you definitely will achieve the desired result! Good luck, Mom, Beauty, after all, without exception, mothers are beautiful!

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