Shrimp diet minus 3 kg in 3 days

Shrimp diet minus 3 kg in 3 days


Shrimp diet minus 3 kg in 3 days

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shrimp dietAt first glance it may seem that the shrimp diet is very useful and very tasty. However, it is necessary to know that the shrimp - a kind of "scavengers" of the sea, feeding on a variety of wastes, including radioactive. So before you sit on a diet, you should consider, because nobody knows what ate shrimp at sea.  

Shrimp - that is in them useful and harmful

Shrimp meat - this is a godsend for people sitting on a diet, because it is low-calorie, contains large amounts of protein as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves metabolism. Also, various shrimp meat enriched with macro- and microelements, which are important in the metabolism of the organism. But in addition to the positive properties of shrimp meat has and negative qualities. Firstly, the shrimp meat is rich in cholesterol, so the frequent use of shrimp in the food can lead to problems with blood vessels. But in many countries, Shrimp are considered a delicacy and eaten every day, so much negative influence on the body does not have. Even diet diet, shrimp will not cause serious harm to the body. Second, the shrimp meat is very strong allergen, so people with dermatitis, asthma or other allergic diseases should carefully eat shrimp. But you should pay attention to the basic feature of the shrimp to collect a variety of toxic substances. That is why it is not recommended for a long time to sit on such a diet - diets shrimp duration should not exceed three days.   The three-day apple and shrimp diet   This diet is popular with Anna Semenovich. Permission is granted to use any number of shrimps and apples. From drinks allowed mineral water, green weak tea, coffee, and even simple water dry red wine. Such a diet is perfect as a fasting day once a month. Three days of this diet allows you to throw about three kilograms. The basic rule that you should remember - a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. It will be long lasting result.   The seven-day shrimp diet   In general, such a diet is not bad, but the long-term effects on the body of toxic substances already makes you wonder. This diet involves eating for a day to 350 grams of shrimp. One-third are allowed to fry in butter. The rest need to boil and season with olive oil and lemon juice. In addition to shrimp, for the day it is allowed to ingestion of vegetables rich in starch. You can alternate vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini or green. Of potatoes, beans and corn must be abandoned. Also, it is necessary not to forget about the amount of fluid intake - drinking must be one and a half liters of water. Apart from pure water can be drinking mineral water diluted with fresh juices. In addition, you can not drink more than one glass of milk a day. Thanks to this diet you can lose in a week for almost three kilograms. By buying shrimp themselves should be treated as seriously as possible. First of all, note the color, which should be uniform. Stains can speak about the poor quality of the product, for example, repeated defrost shrimp. Also, do not eat shrimp with a straight tail - it may mean that they have been cooked already dead. Eating these foods can be very dangerous. Source:

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