Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Christian Dior - it's one of the brightest stars of the fashion world in the history of mankind. For half a century, his legacy - Fashion house Christian Dior - live without it, but the collection of the brand continues to meet the highest level, declared once the great couturier. What was the biography of fashion master what milestones in the history of the house Dior changed the lives of all the fashionistas, and some major discoveries in the design of women's clothing made Christian?


It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that fashion in the form in which it exists today - this is largely due to the hard work of Christian Dior. This man was in love with fashion, but because it is dedicated to her all her life, so that today there are a lot of things, without which it is not already in use do stylish women.

Nowadays, there is not one person who the great couturier's name would be unknown. However, Christian has done a difficult path to recognition and glory, and in his lifetime had a taste of success only for a few years.

early years

Christian Dior was born on January 21, 1905 in a large family in the tiny town of Granville, located in the north of France, right in the port on the English Channel. It was a very successful family: his father was able to become a successful businessman, a mother taking care of her five children (Christian was the second in a row). And when he was only 6 years old, the parents were able to move straight to the capital. This was the first, as yet unconscious, Dior step towards the cause of his life.

Christian since childhood was a dreamer. From a young age the boy was fond of painting, practiced a lot, and even thought about a career artist. My parents tried hard to pay attention to their offspring more practical activities - business, politics, diplomacy. But they did not succeed although under pressure from their ancestors, Christian Dior and enrolled in the Free School of Political Sciences, it was not reflected on his career plans.

So, at the age of 23 years, Dior by clubbing together with his friend Jean Bonzhakom purchased an art gallery. At the disposal of young entrepreneurs were the works of authors who are known today to the whole world: Picasso, Matisse - with proper promotion of this gallery would be a very lucrative business, but it would take time. Unfortunately, fate would have it, that the time at Dior and Bonzharka was not.

Only three years young enthusiasts managed to play in the gallery owners. In 1931, a deadly disease claimed my mother, Christian, and after his beloved wife died away and the father, shortly before it completely ruined. Dior had to get rid of the gallery and come back down to earth.

becoming a legend

After the failure of his youth in search of his place in this world Dior went into the army, where he served for several years. Returning to civilian life in the already advanced age - about 40 years - Dior looked around and realized that many of his friends have succeeded in the world of fashion. However, by sheer chance, among the friends from this area there were people who helped Dior at the right time in the right place.

The culprit fateful meeting was a childhood friend of Dior - Pierre Balmain. At that time, when Christian had just returned from the war, Pierre was already a successful fashion house and a lot of useful contacts. It is advised Balmain Dior as an artist one of the fabulously wealthy entrepreneurs.

Industrialist Marcel Boussac, who made a fortune in textiles, was looking for while talented artist for his fashion house. It is not known how went the first time to cooperation Dior and Boussac, not been documented that it was conquered entrepreneur unknown artists. However, under the auspices of Marcel Boussac very soon that the artist got her own fashion house.

Fashion house Christian Dior

Becoming a designer of women's clothing, Christian Dior has found its wings and began to work, like a small dreamy boy, as he was a child. Thanks to Dior in postwar Europe again became popular beauty and luxury, men and women returned to the joy of life, and to Paris - the honorary title of world's fashion capital. Maestro there in the world for many years, and it is more important to preserve the history of the legendary items from Dior, to the tradition of exquisite brand passed from generation to generation.

brand story

In 1941, Christian began his career in the world of high fashion. He was an artist in the famous Parisian fashion house Lucien Lelong. The following year, Dior opened his perfume laboratory - through the years it will grow into a world-renowned company Christian Dior Perfume.

But the story of the great brand begins his chronicle only in 1946. 8 October - foundation day Christian Dior fashion brand under his own name. The first ten years of the brand - it's last years of life of the great master.

Main events

  • February 12, 1947. The first collection of Dior - New Look - was demonstrated at a major fashion show in Paris and has made a real revolution in the world of fashion.

  • 1948. There was a memorable trip to America, where Dior was awarded the prestigious award for his contribution to the art of fashion.

  • 1950-1951 years. The lights went out one by one innovative collection of the House Dior: Vertical, Oblique, Oval, Longue.

  • 1952. Opened London office brand Christian Dior.

  • 1953. There was a separation of Dior Delman shoe manufacturing, the sketches for which provided the famous master of his craft - Roger Vivier.

  • 1954. Dior has received a license for sewing underwear. In the same year the brand continued its conquest of the world: Dior opened offices in Mexico City, Caracas, Australia, Chile and Cuba.

  • 1955. At the fashion house he had his own Bijoux jewelry line.

  • 1956-1957 years. Came last bright collection, created with the participation of Christian Dior - Arrow, Aimant, H and Libre.

  • October 24, 1957. Located in the health resort, Christian Dior died suddenly of a heart attack. He was only 52 years old, but he could change the world, but his legacy still lives.

How do Dior guide?

For several decades, the brand exists without its founder at the helm of the Fashion House were many famous couturier. Board one of them was a continuation of traditions laid by Christian. Others are almost completely buried his ideas and Dior altered almost beyond recognition.

Yves Saint Laurent

Young fashion designer appeared in the company in 1953. Dior immediately noticed the talent of Saint-Laurent, and from 1955 until his death, Christian young man became his assistant. First collection for Dior as the chief designer of the brand Yves Saint Laurent introduced in 1958. It was called the "Trapezium" and was characterized by its focus on younger women.

This made Dior very different than when the brand was the creator. It is in Saint-Laurent, in 1959 clothes from Dior for the first time saw the inhabitants of Soviet Moscow on show at the House of Culture "Wings of the Soviets."

However, the success was no less loud, because of the collections of Saint Laurent exuded freshness and youth. In 1960 he published a collection of "hipster", the name says it all components of this line: cropped motorcycle jacket, classic suits, put on the sweatshirt instead of shirt ... Investors Fashion House afraid of avant-garde attitude of Yves Saint Laurent, and it was quickly ousted from the post of Dior chief designer .

Marc Bohan

It is difficult to understand why not all the changes in the concept of the brand frightened those who invested in the Dior. So, since 1961, as many as 28 years to the creation of a number of Christian Dior himself mercilessly to redraw under another ambitious fashion - Marc Bohan. The designer decided to give up the luxury and splendor, were part of the Christian Dior clothes before. The main principle was to create clothes Boana "... for real women, not for himself, not for dummies and not for fashion magazines."

In 1970-1980, he produced a line Christian Dior Monsieur. Collections of this era is simple and easy, it was a new "smart luxury" - an attractive trend of Dior. It was in a sense a successful time, because the main female fans of the brand have become the Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Mia Farrow. Overall, however, the brand failed: change the main concept has led to the fact that public interest in the Dior died down, shows the brand began to collect negligible audience.

Gianfranco Ferre

The resignation of Mark Boana tried to send back in 1984, it was then Ferre first received the offer to take the helm at Dior, but the virtuoso Italian designer for some reason, refused. The second time, in 1989, Gianfranco yet accepted this proposal.

Today, any connoisseur will confirm the Dior style: namely Gianfranco Ferre returned to the unique style of the brand, which was originally designed Christian Dior. Beauty, elegance and refinement back into the clothes under the guise of Christian Dior.

However, the success of the designer is not very suited. In 1996, Ferrer left the post in Dior, to devote themselves to work on the brand with his own name.

John Galliano

Ferrer came into place, and a very promising young British fashion designer John Galliano. This was the beginning of the next, a new round in the history and style of Dior. Since the first collection of Misia Diva began the era of glamor. Brand has become even more striking, avant-garde and theatrical than ever, and most importantly - it has become incredibly successful in commercial terms. Celebrity began to reappear in dresses Dior on the red carpet, the brand faces during the reign of Galliano were Charlize Theron, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard, Gisele Bundchen.

Dior collection in times of Galliano were romantic, feminine and extravagant. The designer used only luxurious materials: velvet, satin and brocade richly decorated with fringe, stones, ruffles and embroidery. It Galliano Dior opened his first store in Moscow (1997). Unfortunately, such a talented creator was, as many creative individuals, some arrogant. March 1, 2011 the company's management dismissed from the post by John Galliano Dior chief designer in connection with the scandal that broke out due to anti-Semitic behavior of a public fashion.

Edie Slim

Widely known in France Hedi Slimane from 2000 to 2007 was in charge of Dior men's collection. He is remembered for its refined silhouettes and introduced a lot of innovations in the masculine style. He has worked in the fashion house as little as afraid to be held hostage to someone else's name. Hedi Slimane very soon switched to the advancement of his own label.

Raf Simons

Next bright creative director, whose brand management has left its mark in history, became Raf Simons. He became head of the company in 2011 and stayed in that position until October 2015. The main "chip" Simons became Shoes: latex boots and sneakers haute couture - the most striking of his hits.

Maria Grazia Currie

In June 2016, the post of creative director of Dior joined by Maria Grazia Currie, previously led the Fashion House Valentino. Some time before she arrived after Raf Simons "in charge" were different young and talented designers, including Lucy Meyer and Serge Rufe.

The most famous collection

  • 1947 - New Look - Christian Dior. This collection has introduced the fashion of the silhouette "hourglass": rounded hips, sloping shoulders and wasp waist become forever true epitome of femininity. Elegant miniature bag, shoes with narrow and pointed toe, and as a final touch - fluffy hairstyle or wide-brimmed hat.

  • 1957 - "Keystone" - Yves Saint Laurent. Geometric silhouette, straight lines and an unusually short length - a prodigy of the world of fashion forever left an indelible mark on history.

  • 1966 - "Doctor Zhivago" - Marc Bohan. A collection based on the movie memorable long coat with fur collars and wide belts.

  • 1989 - Spring / Summer - Gianfranco Ferré. A unique collection of Italian designer has brought the prestigious "Golden Thimble".

  • 1996 - Misia Diva - John Galliano. With his very first collection of designer sought to reflect the ethnic motives in the clothing and culture of the peoples of different countries.

  • 2004 - Spring / Summer - John Galliano. Glitter gold and stones, the collection is imbued with the theme of Ancient Egypt.

32 photo

  • 2013 - Autumn / Winter 2013-2014 - Raf Simons. In this collection, the designer showed his vision of a silhouette new look, it does not change your loved minimalism and plenty of play with bright colors.

34 photo

Dior today


In today's collections Dior traced restrained and slightly modernized style of expression inherent in the brand Christian Dior. Women's and men's lines are filled with elegant and spectacular things. For example, the spring / summer collection 2017 was devoted to fashion classics of the twentieth century, and therefore it is possible to meet all the characteristics of "textbook» Dior.


Branded accessories of the famous brand - the object of desire of every modern fashionista. Miniature clutches worth fabulous money, but still women around the world seeking to acquire at least one such bagatelle. The most popular models:

  • New lady c butterflies;

  • Miss Dior;

  • Open bar;

  • Diorama;

  • Diorissimo;

  • Mini;

  • Lady Dior.

The latest model has been specifically designed for Princess Diana. Each of these species is now considered a classic, it does not lose its relevance and appropriate both in daily and in the evening images.


The brand produces and classic boats, and excellent sports shoes (sneakers, running shoes, sneakers), as well as trendy shoes, mules, all kinds of sandals, model flat shoes and, of course, boots.

unique spirits

The first perfume released by Christian in 1947, - Miss Dior. Created around the lily of the valley fragrance - Dior's favorite flowers mother. He created a furore in the world of perfumery, and still perfumes of this brand are among the five best in the world.

men's cologne

The most popular flavors for the representatives of a strong half of mankind:

  • Fahrenheit;
  • Wild;
  • Higher Energy;
  • Man.

Of course, for men the cult perfume creations by Dior brand has been created is considerably less than for women.

Women's eau de toilette

Except the first, which has become a revolutionary, there are a lot of other popular flavors:

  • I just love it;
  • Diorissimo;
  • Addict;
  • Dune;
  • Sweet life;
  • Midnight Poison;
  • Blooming Bouquet;
  • Dioressence;
  • Forever and Ever;
  • Hypnotic Poison.


No less popular among women around the world are Dior cosmetics as decorative and skincare treatments. Under the illustrious brand produces upscale "inhabitants" of ladies' cosmetic bags:

  • shade (5 Colors);
  • powder;
  • pomade;
  • lip gloss;
  • mascara;
  • concealer;
  • nail polish;
  • makeup brushes;
  • rouge.

Among care products are especially in demand diorovsky lip balms, lotions and gels for the skin around the eyes, face and filling wrinkles Capture Totale.

legendary lipstick

Silhouette of a new look, court shoes, fragrance Miss Dior ... We conclude this series from the arsenal of the "female weapons" only red lipstick Rouge Dior. This legendary thing Christian Dior has published in 1949. First it was a limited edition for VIP-clients: not for sale, as well as a gift.

Incredibly bright and seductive lipstick lips graced Bette Davis in "All About Eve" and the mouth of Marlene Dietrich in the film Alfred Hitchcock's "Stage Fright." After the incredible success of not only the movie, but also the external appearance of their characters (and lips then do not play less, and maybe a big role), Dior began working on mass production of its seductive lipstick.

The first collection consisted of 8 Rouge Dior shades that perfectly matches or even repeated reds couture fabrics from this year's collection. Today the legendary lipstick palette has dozens of colors.


The main advantage of Dior jewelry, whether it be earrings or sunglasses, a decoration of each product iridescent stones from rock crystal. The effect of this decorative technique Dior opened with Swarovski in 1955. Today, for the creation of unique jewelry brand meets Victoria de Castellane.


The first model was released in 1975 and was called the Black Moon. Today, the brand produces several lines of watches, each of which features dozens of different models. The most popular line Dior VIII (with the lucky number Dior). In this collection are created daily, evening and cocktail hours. Face of the campaign became an actress Charlize Theron.


Name Christian Dior immortalized not only in its brand. Designer considered a legend and creator of the fashion world, about him making films and writing books. By the way, the master himself released in 1956 autobiography "of Dior Dior». And two years earlier, it was first published another book designer - «Dior. Fashion Dictionary. "

Autobiography detail narrates the entire history of the formation of the great couturiers. And in his dictionary Dior shares simple secrets with women elegance. Most of its recommendations on style and relevant today.

Among the books written about Dior others, it is worth noting «Christian Dior. The biography »(Marie-France Pokna) and« Dior Glamour: 1952-1962 »(Mark Shaw). In 2005, director Philip Lanfranshi released documentary "Christian Dior - The man is a legend," immerses the viewer into the atmosphere that surrounded the great creator, showing the world the legendary fashion designer within.

But the main storage memory of the Christian Dior museum should be called, is located in the father's house of the master - on the estate in Granville.

Villa les Rhumbs estate was in the possession of the family of Christian Dior in 1905, that is, from its very birth. Here and raised the young artist, and when his family was ruined mansion was bought by the city administration, the garden - turned into a public park. In 1997, on the initiative of the same Administration in the house was opened Dior Museum.

Here, the interior, in which lived Christian family, are some personal belongings proslavelnnogo designer, and, of course, here occur regularly retrospective exhibition brand.

Personal life

It would seem that anyone is able to experience the finer feminine soul, than the master, clothed in her stunning dress, shoes in her seductive shoes and enveloping her seductive aromas? But Christian, exalted the woman up to the heavens, on the fate of the evil rock was not able to fall in love with a woman in the full sense of the word.

Fashion in my entire life and have not found family happiness. All the fault of homosexual, which, of course, Dior did not spread, but it was clear the approximate entities. Openly about it began to speak after many years after the death of the master. In many ways, the discovery of this fact contributed to the appearance in the company of Dior, John Galliano, who not only did not hide their orientation, but to actively play up this subject.


"Europe is tired of falling bombs. Now she wants to light the fireworks. " This statement can be regarded as a slogan to the first collection of Dior, returning people a taste for life and fashion.

"Perfume - is unsurpassed shade female identity, an image the final touch." Strictly following this formula, Christian created a unique flavor.

"Raisin" - that is the secret of all beauty. Without the "flavor" no beauty that attracts. " This conviction forced masters tirelessly to create the brightest masterpieces.

"Dress - part of ephemeral architecture designed to change the proportions of the female body." One of the most favorite destinations in the work of Dior - construction seductive dresses.

"I want to put not only the woman but also her lips." This desire gave the world legendary lipstick that's crazy men around the world to this day.

"Elegance - in grooming. The best clothes, the most expensive jewelry, and cosmetics are not worth anything if you do not take care of herself. " That's why the name of the great couturiers produced so many cosmetic skin care face and body.

"Each piece eaten remains in the mouth for two minutes, two hours of abdominal pain, and two months on the hips." Caring for harmony women resulted in the development of specialized cosmetics for keeping the body toned skin.

Interesting Facts

  • Christian Dior was the first among fashion designers to license their inventions to the world of fashion. He sold the right to place the logo Dior, that in his time it was a novelty, but today - the norm.

  • Dior was terribly superstitious person, so it is always kept the same pattern: at each show at least one model with a bouquet of lilies of the valley defile - favorite colors Christian mother; before each show fashion necessarily wondering on the Tarot cards; Every collection included a coat of Dior, named in honor of the hometown designer - Granville.

  • Most of the designer inspired architecture: master used a lot of techniques to create unique outfits that emphasize the breasts and thighs.

  • Dior fashion corset back in, he was convinced that "without a corset is not fashion."

  • A fanatical opponent of corsets, Chanel has been adjusted in relation to the works of Dior negatively. She said that his first collection - a "major terror for the fashion end of the 1940s."

  • Dior was the first to draw the scenery for shows, bringing elements of theatricality in fashion. It Dior created the design tradition of the podium in such a way that it emphasized the nature of the exhibited collection.

  • Dior's favorite muses were three models: Rene, Cook and Russian girl Alla Ilchun. Last worked in mannequin modeling a record 20 years. During this time, her waist is increased by only 2 centimeters (47 to 49).

Great invention Christian Dior

bar jacket

A shorter fitting model Basques sewed at the waist line is usually made of satin or silk. Involuntarily Dior has created an alternative to the little black dress, Chanel as its complete opposite - it was a cocktail suits who adored many women in the 40-50-ies. A cocktail bar jacket should be worn with narrow pants or with another invention of Christian ...

Pencil skirt

Fully reflects the style of Dior's craving for architectural tailoring. Perfect pair for this masterpiece according to the designer was one of two options: a cocktail-fitting jacket or top.

A-line dress

Relatively loose cut made this style pet absolutely all women. A wide swath in the A-shaped dress could Tviggi and skinny and more feminine Jacqueline Kennedy.

The fluffy skirt in a narrow waist

Long crinoline skirts to the floor, richly prisborennye waist, conquered fashionistas its practicality: they never hesitated, and then looked great, no matter what happens. Wearing their designer recommended only with tight-fitting tops, embellished neckline.

Belt with logo

Dior's desire to glorify their brand resulted in a large company logos on clothing and accessories. One of the most pressing trends, has not lost its relevance even today, it has become a firm strap with a buckle in the form of the name of Fashion House.

Golden bra

Shortly before his sudden death Dior managed to give the world another masterpiece: in August 1957, 52-year-old designer showed a gold bra on his show. He looked more like a modern jacket with a belt and rubber bands, was sewn by hand from white lace and richly decorated with gold threads.

Delightful famous dress by Christian Dior

In 1947, Christian Dior has won not only the world of fashion, but also the world of cinema. According to the legend, during the shooting of the film "Stage Fright" leading lady (Marlene Dietrich) has put the director (Alfred Hitchcock) the strict condition that it would be removed only in costumes made her favorite designer: "No Dior - no Dietrich!" .

Since then, the most prestigious European and Hollywood actress appeared in movies and in life in outfits from Dior: Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, Isabelle Adjani and Bette Davis. Even young and still an unknown Brigitte Bardot, a student of ballet school and aspiring fashion model, an example of the once Christian Dior dress, carried the love for these magnificent finery throughout his life.

Times have changed, and the age of capitalism has led to the fact that the famous actress began to appear in the clothes of expensive brand is not only and not so much to the movies, and more commercials. But these trends century high-tech only stronger befriended Hollywood beauties with the creations of fashion house. New Muse Dior - the heroine of his time: Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman. Once selected, world-famous beauties over the years and even decades epitomize luxury brand.

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