Fila sneakers

Fila sneakers

Nowadays, sneakers are not only athletic shoes, they have long passed into the category of everyday. Designers develop new models. Manufacturers of shoes in abundance. In particular, Fila shoes are very popular.


The company Fila appeared in Italy at the beginning of the XX century, in 1911, a name given by the founders of the brand names - Phil brothers. She first became known as a weaving manufactory, and 60 years after the foundation moved to the production of sportswear (mostly tennis). At the same time there was a brand logo - the letter «F» in the frame of a square.

Fila Clothing buyers quickly gained popularity because in its production uses a special technology - seamlessly. At that time it was a novelty, from the buyers was not hanging up. Quality, style and convenience that are celebrated in the brand's attire, gave us a huge advantage.

The brand quickly gained popularity among athletes, as was the face of the company, Björn Borg, a famous tennis player. The Fila clothes many times he won the Grand Slam tournament US Open. As a result, the company for 22 years has been the sponsor of the tournament.

The possibility of the company to expand, she began producing garments not only for tennis but also for golf, swimming, jogging, mountain climbing, auto racing, skiing. It began production of sports shoes.

The company gained worldwide fame in the 90s of XX century. Now it is well-known brands with a century of history. Trust him, invested, believe in it with him. At the beginning of the XXI century, the brand has bought group Cerberus Capital Management, whose branches were scattered across the globe. They were mostly subsidiaries, but in South Korea branch has all the powers of the concern and was considered an independent unit. It was he who subsequently bought the brand and all his company, thus becoming, the exclusive manufacturer of sportswear in South Korea.

So, starting in Europe, the brand has migrated to Asia, and stayed there.

The company currently manufactures sports shoes, accessories and clothing.

Features and Benefits

  1. Three Fila whale - quality, reasonable price and constantly updated assortment.
  2. All clothing is sewn from environmentally friendly materials with the latest technology.
  3. In the manufacture of shoes used seamless knitted weaving technology captured anatomical features of the foot, a system for speed lacing. Running shoes are light and flexible, with good shock absorption.


Fila produces shoes for men, women and children. The models are diverse: there are high, low, medium.

Grant Hill

Model for basketball. There is a fixation of the ankle joint. Thick sole, good grip. Excellent shock absorption. Good abrasion resistance.


Model of textile and faux suede. Grooved outsole. Model for every day.

Original Fitness

Popular model for fitness. Classic design. Leather upper. Abrasion resistant outsole.

Cement Pack

The classical model. Made in gray and white with red and black accents.


Basketball model. built-in strap system provides the convenience.

Strada Disruptor

Model for every day. Characterized by a thick sole, easily.


A model specifically for running. The top of the single-layer breathable mesh. Excellent shock absorption.


Excellent basketball sneakers. They are characterized by impact resistance, light weight, resistance to abrasion.


For running. Top Textile. Flexible springy soles. Convenient for pereobuvaniya because they have Slip-On construction.


Sneakers in a futuristic style. Easy, convenient, comfortable.


Model for walking and jogging. Outsole with DLS FOAM technology provides excellent cushioning while you exercise. A tread sole ensures excellent grip.

Children's sneakers

Designed for training. Reliably fix foot. Lungs. Strong. Breathable. Flexible sole helps you work the whole foot.


Model appeared recently. Characterized by an unusual design: it's shoes with fingers. Designed to "run barefoot". It has a anatomic sole, the model is stable, easy to grip. Sneakers made of rubber with textile inserts.


This brand you will find almost the entire color palette: white, black, gray, pink, yellow, blue, dark blue, red, brown. For every taste.

Designed for both open space and to practice indoors.


Trainers immediately caught the fancy of discerning customers. They note the excellent value "price-quality", lightness and durability models. Models are equipped with a flexible outsole tread, allowing to have a good adhesion to the surface, which helps not to slide. Sneakers features a comfortable fit, a good fixation of the foot. Models virtually weightless. Very convenient. They last a long time, practically bursting.

Buyers note that running shoes are ideal for those who want to spend on the road all day. The legs do not get tired and do not vspoteyut as made of durable, but at the same time breathable material. They are warm, but not hot.

Buyers point out that the shoes easy to wash. After washing or wearing long they stay like new.

Emphasize the laces, which are not long or short - the most it. In addition, they are also designed for prolonged use - do not wear, do not lose their appearance.

For Children manufacturer puts on sneakers Velcro, making it easy to put on and take off your shoes. A combination of pink and gray sneakers for girls like almost all parents. Besides skin tandem with textiles makes them breathable, lightweight, practical. Inside, soft fleece. Socks for six months, as the mother wrote, shoes do not lose the appearance, easy to clean and very comfortable.

Consumers are advised Fila sneakers for the whole family, as each find the right color and model. Either in quality or durability is not satisfactory.

From what to wear?

Of course, the shoes are designed primarily for training, jogging, fitness. But since such footwear is valued for its comfort, practicality and style, you can wear it with anything.

Consider the options of images:

  • Jeans, T-shirt or shirt + shoes.
  • Shorts + sneakers. And it should be remembered that in such an embodiment in the form of shoes are especially noticeable. Therefore it is better if the socks are in the color of sneakers. If sneakers colorful, choose socks to match one of the colors of sneakers. This takes into account the color of your shirt or jacket, to avoid dissonance. However, different quality shoes, so they can be worn on bare feet. They do not natrut.
  • Mini dress + shoes.
  • Pants, shirt, vest + sneakers.
  • Leather jacket, sweater, jeans + sneakers
  • Knitted maxi skirt + shoes.
  • Dress-combination in the linen style + sneakers.
  • Trouser suit + sneakers.
  • Short knitted dress A-silhouette.
  • Narrow trousers, voluminous top + sneakers.

With the advent of autumn, too, do not give up running shoes, because they successfully combined with voluminous coat or parka sweater oversize. Just yet, avoid the combination of "coat + running shoes." This embodiment looks absurd as jacket with fur.

At work, if you do not have a dress code, will be a real salvation shoes because you will feel at home: the legs do not get tired, do not sweat. Therefore, you are easy-going, and many have time.

Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of shoes for work, because the image should not be calling and shouting. Fila sneakers just differ restraint and brevity. Their quality speaks for itself. Therefore, the surrounding celebrate your taste. Jeans, shirt, jacket and sneakers - one of the options for the job. Organically will look white sneakers with black trousers and jacket and a white shirt. Red perfectly suited to the work, if you put on, for example, a plaid shirt, which will also be elements of red.

So, wearing Fila sneakers can be anything. The skilful combination of running shoes will add zest along. Wear comfortable shoes with clothes of different styles, and you will always be happy with their way.

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