Maya Plisetskaya indifferent to sweet

Maya Plisetskaya indifferent to sweet

In the modern diet books write that Maya Plisetskaya periodically sits on a two-week diet, during which

Do not: meat, eggs, dairy products, spices, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, coffee
And you can: lentils, broccoli, oats, barley, and sometimes fish

At breakfast, when such a diet can cook porridge
for lunch of vegetable soup and vegetable salad
at dinner fish with rice and salad
During breaks you can eat vegetables.

Maya M. itself in all interviews states that never in the diets did not sit. Her fans she gave only one prescription slimming "You have to eat less!" However, looking at the 85-year-old dancer, women are still eager to know the secret of her special diet, and journalists do not get tired of asking questions.

In an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Plisetskaya once again said: "I did not adhere to the diet! I ate always a lot.And my weight is a little bit more than you need. There were times when I lost weight, but unintentionally - simply because of the rehearsals did not have time to eat. "

During a conversation on the Echo of Moscow Plisetskaya he added that because of constant exercise in ballet there is no way to grow a fat "I think ballet is not a diet at all, because a lot of work, all burned, and no time to get fat." The only thing that did ballerina - followed by his main rule of "eat less":

- When you feel that you need to lose weight, that before some performance gained some extra weight, you just need to reduce the amount of food and everything.

Now ballerina with her husband Rodion Shchedrin lives in Munich, where a lot of beer restaurants. When the front of the 85th anniversary of the ballerina, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" made a special trip to Munich to meet with her, Plisetskaya ordered a ravioli dinner with spinach, minestrone soup and beer.

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"Yes, I like beer!" - Maya M. confessed. And he told me that loves salty - "I love all kinds of salinity, and herring, if it is well prepared." But most importantly, the dancer totally indifferent to sweet: "Without the sweet, thank God, I can live in peace. Here God has saved me. "

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