Doctors revealed when it is possible to refuse treatment with antibiotics

Doctors revealed when it is possible to refuse treatment with antibiotics

pills   The experts recommended to minimize the use of antibiotics, suggesting alternative means. Very often the target of hospital strains are the kidneys and bladder. Treatment of these infections is problematic in view of frequent bacterial resistance to antibiotics commonly prescribed in a particular hospital. Therefore, a group of experts, led by members of the German Society of Urology, regularly publishes updated recommendations. Experts give physicians information available for prescribing, including dosage, when it is necessary to act quickly. If we are talking about uncomplicated urinary tract infections with minor complaints, then as an alternative to antibiotics is recommended symptomatic treatment with ibuprofen. For the first time, special attention is given to recurrent infections, which in the first place are advised to measure without the use of antibiotics: enough drinking, giving up excessive intimate hygiene, abstinence from hypothermia.

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