Milk helps to lose weight, the researchers found

Milk helps to lose weight, the researchers found


Milk helps to lose weight, the researchers found

01/19/2014 print Email
milkIn order to lose weight, not necessarily abandon the main meals. fruit drinks low-fat milk is enough to change. Drink skim milk instead of fruit drink at breakfast gives the body a feeling of fullness for a long time. As a result, you eat less for lunch and did not suit the "snacks" between meals. This is the conclusion Australian researchers. During their experiments, they found that low-fat milk in the morning helps to increase the feeling of satiety, which leads to a reduced caloric intake at lunch. Those who prefer the morning milk, eat an average of 50 fewer calories. If, however, the breakfast drink fruit drink, the saturation effect is observed, and it is expressed very weakly. The study volunteers participated, some of whom had been drinking milk in the morning, and the rest - the fruit juice. Scientists have compared their feelings and measured how much food each group will use for lunch. in the field of nutrition experts believe that the feeling of fullness milk come because of the content in the drink lactose. It is lactose and is responsible for the reduction of hunger. A

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