Gentle manicure on short and long nails - photos, news, ideas

Gentle manicure on short and long nails - photos, news, ideas

Depending on your mood, style of life, or that events a woman can choose for themselves a variety of fashionable images.

But the constant and timeless image remains delicate and feminine, which refines, makes a woman sensual and trembling.

When it is the face of tenderness and femininity most interesting for you to create a full-fledged fashion bow, we recommend to consider the delicate manicure, which will complement the discreet and sleek casual outfit and decorate business, cocktail, evening look.

Gentle manicure 2019-2020 suit the needs of girls and women in the nail-art, because the gentle manicure presented today in such a wide variety of variations that even the most whimsical beauties will be able to choose your own unique gentle nail design.

Especially for you we have created a wonderful photo collection titled "Gentle manicure", which presents the favorite of the season - pale pink manicure, gentle manicure nyudovyh shades, delicate manicures, made in different techniques of design, in particular delicate manicure Ombre, matt gentle manicure , gentle timeless manicure jacket.

In our collection you will find a gentle manicure monochrome original tender manicure with flowers and floral prints, delicate manicure with ornaments, crystals, microbeads, which will complement a chic evening and wedding dresses.
But before you show delicate manicure, which we picked up new ideas for soiskatelnits nail art, briefly tell you about what may be the most beautiful manicure soft 2019-2020.

Always appropriate and fashionable: manicure gentle for delicate women

Gentle manicure can be called universal, because to create it using a natural palette of shades.

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Gentle manicure is performed, as a rule, in a restrained design, highlighting the natural beauty of women's hands, and that allows you to select the type of manicure as a win-win.

In fashion delicate manicure on short nails. Beautiful delicate manicure on long nails, of course, is still chosen by many women, but still in the modern nail-art is more relevant delicate manicure on nails of moderate length (3-5 mm.).

As for the shape, the elegant and refined looks delicate manicure on nails almond and oval. Does not lose its relevance and shape soft square or squoval, which like so many representatives of the fair sex.

Gentle nail design: colors, features of performance, technology

As we already mentioned, in a trend gentle manicure 2019-2020 in shades of pale pink, pastel and nyudovoy palette.

Pale pink nail polish, blue and white manicure gentle and delicate design peach polish, cream, light gray, sand, cream and purple - these are the ideal colors that will help get you in the most successful embodiment of tenderness on your nails.

Undoubtedly, gentle manicure in these shades will only benefit if you make spice, diluting the appropriate light shades contrasting tone in moderation.

Neat lace pattern, geometric pattern, and holographic mirror powder sand will make your manicure gentle unusual and spectacular, and a matte finish, pastes, molding on the nails and tiny beads will make your manicure a gentle touch of luxury.

An example of good taste and the ability to choose the best is gentle french manicure, because it is the French manicure with a white stripe on the transparent or pastel based in the classic version or a gentle nail design with a strip, complete with trim figure - it is beautiful, stylish and always in the subject.

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If you want ease, lightness and good mood, choose a gentle gradient manicure and gentle moon manicure.

Romantic and elegant way for a lady to help create gentle manicure with flowers and floral motives. Characteristically, the floral patterns on the nails do not overload the delicate manicure, on the contrary - are that missing component, that can enhance the depth of your individuality and uniqueness of your timid nature.

Gentle Manicure with flowers, petals and twigs, peas and strip, no doubt, will be a mega topical during the spring - summer.

Gentle manicure for a special occasion, new original design solutions

When you are preparing for the solemn event, everything is important. When the dress and hairstyle - a closed issue, take care of the make-up and nails, because if you are a bride, a graduate or a hero of the occasion - you will be glued to the views of the vast number of people who will be fully considered and evaluated all components of your festive look.

Whatever style you choose not to evening, an outlet or a wedding dress, delicate manicures, no doubt, it will be appropriate to complement your outfit, emphasizing your good sense of style.

In addition to the above variations of nail art, popular today gentle manicure with a mirror effect.

Mirror gentle manicure can be performed using gold and silver colors using techniques gel varnish and shellac.

To make a gentle manicure on short and long nails are more elegant, manikyurschiki offer options nail art with a little glitter, decorative molding and original nail designs with rhinestones, which also looks very gentle, but it is not devoid of luxury and sophistication.

Gentle manicure striped abstract design can be diluted or 3D drawing in the same light and airy color scheme.

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Be gentle. Choose a gentle manicure. And we will help!

The most beautiful gentle manicure - photo ideas, design trends

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