Rejuvenating cosmetics. Truth or myth?

Rejuvenating cosmetics.  Truth or myth?


Rejuvenating cosmetics. Truth or myth?

03/21/2013 print Email


Human desire to preserve youth mercilessly exploited today by advertising companies, announces the miraculous properties of cosmetics. Such a "discreet" misleading the consumer today has taken root so that the terminology "anti-aging cream" or "structure, reduces wrinkles", "anti-aging cream," etc., were leaked to the specialized literature. The truth is that the anti-aging cosmetics can not prevent aging of the skin, they can only slow down the process somewhat. How? We can only accept on faith the manufacturers approval. And if they are reasonable depends largely on the reputation of the trade mark. Before you purchase a particular cream, think about who offers the product. How many years of experience? As far as the brand is trusted around the world? What are the customer reviews? Did you have any personal experience with any product, less dramatically effect on the body? And what is the cost? Remember, a good agent will not be worth a few hryvnia !!! A good proof of the impotence of cosmetic products before approaching old age are pop stars and movie. For them, the appearance plays a key role in the career of often. If there were really rejuvenating cosmetics, they would not have to settle for a dangerous and costly surgery. Is not it so? Even potent cosmetics in beauty institutes and various beauty centers are not able to fight the approaching old age, to be sure of cosmetics, which can be bought in the market or even a pharmacy. It is not necessary, however, to write off the anti-aging cosmetics as such at all. But remember, it does not prevent aging as a whole, it just postpones the time of aging of our skin for a while. And what it will be time just it depends on how well you care system perdlagaete your skin. How this system relates to the "schedule your skin works." In addition, the stars themselves can ask, what other means, in addition to cosmetics and operations, they sozranyat its beauty and prolong youthfulness? I suggest to read about the experience of Joan Collins, a very famous actress of the last century. For me it is very instructive experience, especially since she and I adhere to some of its rules for many years. A   Female Journal

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