Losing weight helps increase sexual desire in women

Losing weight helps increase sexual desire in women

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Losing weight helps increase sexual desire in women

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In women who have undergone gastric banding procedure and lost as a result of weight, there is an increase in libido and increase the likelihood of conceiving a child.
According to new research, contributes to weight loss do not improve ovulation and increase sexual desire in women. Scientists from the Medical College of Penn State studied the effect of weight loss surgical method on the reproductive capacity of women's groups with morbid obesity. 
As the head of the study, Dr. Richard Legro, obesity in women is caused by lack of ovulation and thus infertility.
 Taking urine samples, the researchers measured the ovarian hormones during the menstrual cycle. It was found that all participating in the study of 29 women, both before operation and after a couple of years after her highly ovulation with unchanged its quality.
Recorded only one change: reduced first half of the menstrual cycle in the period between the end of the previous menstruation and the release of the egg.
However, when filling out questionnaires participants pointed out that the weight loss they have been accompanied by an increase in libido, increasing sexual appetite and excitement. The scientists plan to find out whether there is a link between weight loss in men and their sexual desire. medvesti.com
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