Are sugar substitutes and useful?

Are sugar substitutes and useful?

sugar More and more people are turning their attention to proper nutrition. And one of the principles of such a system - this is a departure from the sweet. In extreme cases, it allowed to use honey and sugar substitute to sweeten. But many think quite rightly, and not harmful if a sugar substitute for the body? Sugar contains absolutely all sweets and detrimental effect on tooth enamel. Sugar - the cause of irregularities in the allocation of the "right" of enzymes necessary for the pancreas, stomach and intestines. Sugar, if it is "entered" into the body in excessive amounts, coupled with salts in the body, bringing them. This leads to desalination. Eating sweets increases the cholesterol level in the body. Well, that excessive consumption of sweets - the cause of obesity, and say no. As you can see, sweets are not only very tasty but also quite harmful if overused. Harmful if sugar substitute or not Let's say you have decided to correct the shape and health, completely abandoning the use of sweet. But, as "the soul asks" Sugar, decided to replace it with artificial additives. How harmful sugar substitute? Let's start with the fact that sugar substitutes are of two groups: natural and synthetic. It is clear that the preference is to give it a natural, a part of which there is fructose. If you are going to lose weight, then think twice before replacing it with an artificial sugar embodiment. Sweeteners are not lower in calories and losing weight is a bad assistant. This applies to natural supplements. As for the artificial - they have zero calories. Their action is based on "deception" of the language receptors suggestion to them a sense of sweets eaten the product. However, do not rush joyfully run to the store for artificial sugar substitutes: they are quite safe for health. What can replace the sweet? Muffins, brownies, cakes, candies and many other "hazard" for you in the past. You're stuck on the fridge Photo slender models in bathing suits and prepared to lose weight. But what if no sweet literally "breaks"? They must be replaced by other products, otherwise breakdowns are inevitable. Rule 1 Sweets - is, first of all carbohydrates. And that means that you need and replace them with foods high in carbohydrates, but more useful. For example, fruit. Therefore, if you wanted to eat a piece of cake - Take an apple, banana, or grapes. Rule 2 Ready light desserts. Sweet fashionable replace Fruity curd desserts or milkshakes (without adding them in ice cream, of course). Are simply mixed in a blender milk or cheese with your favorite fruit. Rule 3 If you are not 100 % to give up sweets, let their own, but in small quantities and only in the morning. For example, you can eat a small piece of chocolate for breakfast. Bear in mind that all carbohydrate foods contraindicated for the evening, so in the evening you still have to hold on. But do not worry, over time, it will enter into a habit and "breaks" will cease.

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