Useful properties of essential oils

Useful properties of essential oils

essential oil   Essential oils are often used with oil burner. It takes only two drops of oil in the room pyatnadtsat squares. In a bowl, pour a little water, add butter liked and lights a candle from the bottom to be heated. Work this lamp can a maximum of two hours, but it is not recommended to use more than four times a day. With the help of essential oils can create any composition that will fill your home. Aromatic baths are also one of the methods of application of essential oils. For this purpose we collect the water (not more than 35 degrees), and adding eight oil droplets. You must first mix it with sea salt. The first procedure lasts about an hour, the time is gradually increased, and when the daily aromatic baths, oil dosage is reduced by half. You can also do applique or compresses. For application, take cotton wool impregnate it with an alcohol solution of the essential oil (a couple of drops of oil, 10 ml of alcohol) and applies where it is necessary. To prepare compress the mixture (7 drops of oil, 15 ml of base oil) dips therein towel and apply to the affected area, to insulate and hold for about two hours. It is impossible not to mention the fact that essential oils have a positive effect on intimate relationships. Therefore, they have been successfully used in massage. Essential oils are used in such proportions: 25 ml of base oil and 10 drops of ether. Many oils refresh and rejuvenate the skin, as well as excite and stimulate blood flow.

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