Rules separate food: food compatibility

Rules separate food: food compatibility

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Rules separate food: food compatibility

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separation of powerEvery day, we consume the most different meals consisting of protein, fat, carbohydrates. And very seldom think of how best to combine them to help their own stomach. After all, different food passes the alimentary canal at different times and in different conditions. To cleave proteins requires an acidic environment to digest fat require special solvents, emulsifiers, which perform the role of bile acids. Digestion plant, starchy foods helps to alkaline environment. The use of rapidly digested foods (eg fruit) after digested slowly (proteins) lead, it can lead to the fact that the first, unable to pass through the digestive tract, will simply rot. Poorly digested products entering the lower intestinal tract, lead to an increased load on the pancreas to cause permanent intoxication. Food debris accumulating in the colon can cause constipation and other diseases. separate meals Such problems will prevent separation of power, which means that can not be used together does not fit products. Due to the rapid passage of compatible products through the digestive tract in the body it improves metabolism begins to work normally intestines, improves the general condition. Particularly useful separation food in the gastro-intestinal disorders.   What is the separation of power? And what you need to share?   Compatibility of different groups of products is determined, according to nutritionists, as follows:

  • Meat, fish, poultry combined with green non-starchy vegetables, is allowed to combine with starchy vegetables.
  • Legumes are combined with vegetable oil and sour cream, any vegetable is allowed to combine with cream and butter, bread, potatoes, cereals and nuts
  • Butter and cream are combined with bread, cereals, potatoes, vegetables, legumes permitted to combine with, sour cream, milk, cheese and cheese.
  • Sour cream is combined with legumes, bread, cereals, potatoes, cheese, dairy products
  • Vegetable oil is combined with legumes, bread, potatoes, sour fruits, tomatoes, vegetables, nuts, allowed to combine with sweet fruits and dried fruits
  • Sugar and confectionery products combined only with green and non-starchy vegetables
  • Bread, cereals and potatoes are combined with vegetable oil and butter, cream, sour cream, vegetables, allowed to combine with cheese and nuts.
  • Sour fruits (citrus fruits, currants, pineapple), tomatoes are combined with vegetable oil and butter, cream, sour cream, green and non-starchy vegetables, cheese and nuts
  • Sweet fruits and dried fruits combined with green and non-starchy vegetables, cheese and milk products are allowed to combine with butter, cream and sour cream, nuts
  • Green and non-starchy (cabbage, radish, peppers, garlic, onion, radish, carrots, cucumbers) vegetables are not only aligned with milk
  • Starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke) combined with virtually all products, it is recommended to avoid the combination of meat, milk and eggs.
  • Milk is allowed to combine with sweet fruit and butter, with all other products, it does not fit
  • Cheese and dairy products combined with sour cream, sweet fruit, vegetables, cheese and nuts, permissible combination with acidic fruits
  • Cheese (including cheese) combined with sour fruits, tomatoes, vegetables, cheese and milk products.
  • Eggs are combined with green and non-starchy vegetables, permissible combination with sour cream and starchy vegetables
  • Nuts are combined with vegetable oil, sour fruits and tomatoes, vegetables, cheese and milk products, it is permissible combination with sweet fruit and cheese.
  • The melon is not combined with anything.

  A few more rules of a separate food   Given the varying speed of passage of various products through the digestive tract, the food should be taken in the following order:

  • the drinks;
  • fruits;
  • sweet;
  • liquid food;
  • solid food. 

Products covered by the same group, are fully compatible with each other. According to the rules of a separate food must be held at least two hours between the consumption of incompatible products. The main motto of a separate food - conscious choice and combination of food to feel better. Of course, remember and apply all the rules - is problematic, all the more that our food culture combines all (especially during the holidays). But if you apply at least the basic restrictions / permissions that we can improve for themselves, loved ones, quality of food, and then by the state of health. Author: Dean Serebrova.   See also:  intestinal cleansing of toxins  

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