The right makeup makes you younger

The right makeup makes you younger


The right makeup makes you younger

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makeupMakeup is designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the face, not to attract negative attention to your surrounding, and just such a reaction will cause generously smeared makeup person, no matter how attractive it may be. Do not abuse this cosmetics:  

  • Eyeliner: bold black eye immediately visually add you a few years and completely destroy the effect of the rest of the makeup.
  • Ink: too painted lashes look unnatural, no matter how good the mascara. Especially such eyelashes look awful in combination with oily blue eyeliner or eye shadow.
  • Tonal basis: connotation tonal framework must conform to the natural skin tone. foundations mission - to protect the skin, smooth out the bumps and hide minor flaws. The magic word - mixing. Only the mixing of different bases allows you to get the perfect skin tone.
  • Powder: everything can be written above said of powder - do not overdo it, otherwise the person would be makiyazhpohozhim a mask. Oh, and do not forget to moisturize the skin, otherwise the powder will emphasize all the fine wrinkles.

  The right makeup and hair color   hair color should be in harmony with the skin tone. If you have dark hair and you want a little spice up natural tan, try not to deviate from the odd natural tones. Blonde girls should stay light colors. With age, the skin and the hair becomes lighter. And one more thing - if you decide to dye your hair, if you please support the selected color and paint regularly regrown roots.   The right makeup lips   Main to contour the tone is not too different from the color of lipstick, and would have remained unnoticed. Lip make-up should begin with the guidance loop lip pencil. This not only emphasizes the shape of the lips, but also helps to prevent the spreading of the lipstick, making the perfect lip makeup is better preserved. In addition, the shade of lipstick should be in harmony with the skin tone; cool colors fit pale northern type of girls, and warm - a dark complexion and red girls. If you want to visually reduce the lips hover loop on the inside lip line. Would you like to visually enlarge the lips - in any case do not perform contour on the outside line of the lips! This is a very common mistake made by many women. In fact, goes beyond the lip contour line does not emphasize them, but only to make the lips messy and unnatural.   Relevant makeup   never deviated from the main rule: makeup should fit the circumstances. When going to the beach, reduce make-up to a minimum and do not paint as if going to a disco in a nightclub. Of course, the day make-up should be much easier and more discreet evening. Little or no makeup Some women do not use cosmetics, because simply did not know how to use it, they are afraid to look ridiculous and draw attention. If you are not confident in their abilities, apply on the eyelids shade lighter shade. Start small, gradually perfecting his technique and adding new makeup touches. Perhaps we should start with a tonal framework, then add mascara, blush, and finally lipstick. If you are feeling unusually painted faces full of make-up can be for you (and your skin) as a real shock, so proceed slowly and methodically.   The integrity of the image   Finished Makeup should look harmonious and natural. This means that you need to avoid contrasting color combinations. Dark-skinned girl with dark hair are more suitable for dark shades, light colors will look like on their skin pale and unnatural. Blonde beauties should use light colors, as dark shades visually coarsen fine features is old them. Owners of oily skin is recommended to start with make-up applying moisturizer and tonal framework. Fasten the effect will loose powder. Carry compact powder to periodically to correct makeup. And finally from time to time, reach for the mirror and check the make-up - perhaps it needs to refresh and correct. A source:   Female magazine .ua 

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