Proper skin care body

Proper skin care body

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Proper skin care body

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care skinThe basic principle of skin care body - to maintain its purity, moisture, and normal levels of acidity. To cleanse the body we use soap and shower gels. Gels are more forgiving means compared to soaps, since they have less basic pH. They are thick liquid, as a rule - a pronounced flavor, which allows to neutralize natural body odor. Most often composed of shower gels is sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. These emollients in the composition gels are used for moisturizing skin and plenkoobrazushie agents - their slow flushing water. Wash body better washcloth, sponge or a brush made of synthetic material (as in natural favorable conditions for bacteria). Movements should be rotated, not too strong, without strong pressure to the skin is not shifted. This massage facilitates exfoliation of dead cells, increases blood circulation, and hence improves the nutrition of the skin. Body care is based on the same principle as that of the skin. For body may also be used cleaning procedures using oat flakes and kefir, exfoliating Peels - mechanical or chemical - glycolic or salicylic acids (they enable "smooth" so-called "goose" skin). It can also be used as antioxidants in green tea, wine, vitamins - they allow the skin to stay longer young, successful withstand aggressive environmental factors. It can be used for moistening agents containing oil. Which are quickly absorbed into the skin so they do not leave an unpleasant greasy and does not stain clothes, it is advisable to choose such oil. Check care should be carefully blotted with a towel or cloth to remove the residues of fatty creams or oils. If concerned about dryness of the skin, you should consult your doctor to check the functioning of the endocrine system. Source: Female Journal

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