Recipes for cellulite - massage, body wraps, scrubs, creams, exercises

Recipes for cellulite - massage, body wraps, scrubs, creams, exercises

Cellulite - a change in adipose tissue, which are accompanied by the appearance of such a cosmetic defect, as the hummocky surface of the skin, or more simply, "orange peel". 

Cellulite - is a purely female problem, men are not subject to it. The first signs of cellulite often appears in 14-year-old girls and as metabolic disorders in the subcutaneous adipose tissue problem becomes more pronounced.

How to get rid of cellulite at home - best recipes of cellulite - massage, body wraps, scrubs, creams, exercises 

Favorite places of cellulite - a female problem areas: buttocks, thighs, stomach.

We dedicate an entire section to this topical subject.

We understand what cellulite is, from what it appears, what are the means to get rid of cellulite at home , give the best recipes of anti-cellulite massage, body wraps, rubs, scrubs, creams, exercises, advice on nutrition of cellulite and so on.

We derive an effective scheme to combat cellulite .

cellulite Causes

Causes of cellulite   are many: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, hormonal disorders, bad habits. These factors cause a disruption in the blood and lymph microcirculation in fat tissue and, as a consequence, lead to the appearance of "orange peel".  

Often the cellulite prone young mothers and women taking birth control pills, because In this case, the body can not completely get rid of the huge amounts of estrogen, as well as after trauma, blood flow disturbance provoked in capillaries.

Hormonal status leads to changes in metabolic processes, which in turn causes an accumulation of various toxins that lead to intoxication.

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As a result of poisoning of the body of toxins, changes occur in all systems of the body is disturbed not only the skin, but there is extra weight and premature wrinkles.

The body is fighting hard to intoxication, but that he was not able to pull, immured in the adipose tissue of the buttocks and thighs. Moreover in these zones slows blood and lymph microcirculation that the toxins have not been put back into the blood.

Learn more about what cellulite is, what causes cellulite, cellulite appears like , read here:

What is cellulite

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Causes of Cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite at home - Causes of Cellulite - Cellulite Stages 


Means and methods to combat cellulite

For women it offers a range of modern methods and tools, as well as traditional medicine recipes.

Properly selected complexes eliminate not only the appearance of cellulite, but also its root causes.

Since the main cause of cellulite - a violation of microcirculation of blood and lymph flow in adipose tissue, any method aimed at improving blood circulation and lymph flow will effectively stimulate the breakdown of fats. It can be: creams, gels, massages, body wraps, SPA-procedures, special exercises, supplements.

As a rule, effectively it helps in the elimination of cellulite , namely, an integrated approach, combining several methods. Consider the most effective recipes from the "orange peel" on the buttocks and thighs. Local effects on cellulite using all possible massage creams and improves the appearance, but the organism with the double force begins to store toxins on the thighs and buttocks. This means that cellulite will come back.

What will help eliminate cellulite - Recipes for cellulite

So, we can conclude: the right approach to eliminate cellulite - a comprehensive approach. Let us examine in detail each component of a hard struggle against the "orange peel", present the most effective recipes, schemes to combat cellulite .

  1. Choosing the best anti-cellulite cream, gel , serum, mask, scrub, scrub for cellulite. We look up, we check the effectiveness of cellulite creams.
  2. Going cellulite massage yourself : honey massage of cellulite, cupping, lymph drainage, and others.
  3. Do anti-cellulite body wraps home and baths - The most effective recipes home wraps cellulite (seaweed, honey, chocolate, mustard, acetic, with clay and coffee).
  4. Adjust diet - Proper nutrition for cellulite, supplements, body cleansing
  5. We use essential oils for cellulite - How to use essential oils with anti-cellulite effect
  6. Doing exercises for cellulite - thighs, buttocks, legs and abdomen.
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The best anti-cellulite means - creams, balms, masks, serums - ReviewsAnti-cellulite cream

Anti-cellulite cream

The best anti-cellulite means - creams, gels, serums

Home cellulite scrub (coffee scrub, seaweed scrub with sea salt - How to get rid of cellulite at homeAnti-cellulite peeling

Anti-cellulite peeling

Recipes home scrub cellulite

Types of anti-cellulite massage, a technique of self-massage, honey massage of cellulite, cupping, lymph drainage - a massage techniqueAnticellulite massage

Anticellulite massage

Cellulite massage - honey, cupping, Japanese


Home body wraps for weight loss - Seaweed, honey, chocolate, clay of celluliteAnti-cellulite body wraps

Anti-cellulite body wraps

Home body wraps for weight loss - Best Recipes

Essential oils of cellulite - How to use essential oils with anti-cellulite effect - How to get rid of cellulite at homeEssential oils of cellulite

Essential oils of cellulite

How to use essential oils with anti-cellulite effect

Power cellulite, food supplements, cleaning bodyMeals for cellulite

Anti-cellulite diet and fat burners

Power cellulite, food supplements, cleaning the body of toxins


Salon SPA treatments of cellulite - at home

Anti-cellulite treatments in SPA-salons

Beauty salons for solving problems with "orange peel" offer a range of SPA treatments of cellulite on the basis of highly effective anti-cellulite products. Typically, anti-cellulite complex includes the following procedures:

  • Steaming body in the infrared sauna - 15 minutes
  • Toning treatment in the whirlpool - 15 min
  • Cleansing of the epidermis body scrub - 15 minutes
  • Application of the composition with anti-cellulite effect on the body (wrap) - 45 minutes
  • Toning water treatment in hydromassage shower - 15 minutes
  • Application of a cream, with the effect of improvement of body contours - 15 minutes

Anti-cellulite SPA- procedure - home

Now try to arrange SPA-salon at home, sticking to a set of salon -cellulite treatments

  • Steaming body in a hot bath
  • Massage water jet in the bath
  • Cleansing of the epidermis body scrub
  • Wrap with anti-cellulite
  • Toning douche
  • Applying a moisturizer with anti-cellulite and firming effect

The best recipes and recommendations for anti-cellulite treatments you will find on the links above.

Do not forget that significantly increase the effectiveness of the methods described above, anti-cellulite, help exercise. A plump for the best way to get rid of cellulite - lose weight.

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Effective scheme to combat cellulite at home

We conclude the most effective scheme to combat cellulite about this:

  1. Training with emphasis on exercise for the thighs, the buttocks, the waist (for total weight loss, increase circulation and oxygenation of the body).
  2. A hot shower or bath, or IR Finnish sauna (for heating tissue, removing excess fluids and toxins).
  3. The application of anti-cellulite cream with your hands or a massage shower head, massaging the problem areas for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Several motions vacuum jar at most problematic places (additional lymph drainage).
  5. Anti-cellulite wrapping with pre-body exfoliation.
  6. Correction of food preferences.

Good luck to everyone, slender, beautiful legs without cellulite!


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