Romantic style in clothing

Romantic style in clothing

Today, women can choose for themselves a stylish outfit in any style. We just need to correctly compose the clothes and accessories. Today we will look more attractive and popular romantic style.


Fashionistas at all times tried to follow current trends in clothing. Even in the distant past, every woman wanted to look like the most fashionable and feminine. For this purpose dresses and jewelry in a romantic style. So what is it?

Romantic style - it is an image that consists of dresses that emphasize the tenderness and the charm of the girl. These ensembles are able to give the lady a unique lightness and mystery.

This style of dress has its origins in the late XIX century. This is the time belonged to the romantics, dreamers and high society.

Initially romantic things were notable for their heaviness. They were heavy and not very comfortable. Decorative details in them is also the largest. Such characteristics were considered natural, and the ladies put up with constant discomfort.

Over time, the clothing was modified, and its design becomes less catchy and more harmonious than, for example, in the Middle Ages.

A little later, there is a distinct trend in the clothing called Provence. Outfits, refers to Provence, they were very similar to the romantic things. They have become more practical and comfortable, and they were equipped with various business elements.

In the modern romantic style dress is the epitome of femininity and tenderness. Fashionistas adore these clothes and look to him for daily walks, as well as for special occasions.


The main features of the romantic style are its versatility. Modern fashionable woman can choose a beautiful and harmonious outfit for any occasion.

It is worth mentioning that the romance of dress is perfect for even the most serious and unapproachable individuals. Such things can effectively soften the image and make it more elegant.

Another important feature of such orders can be called the fact that they emphasize the awesome figure of a woman. Today, the ladies often choose romanticism in order to highlight its natural charm and appeal.

Fortunately, at the moment such a flirty things do not bring past inconveniences and discomfort. Modern manufacturers produce a variety of clothing, which will only please its possessor convenience and beautifully designed with Romanesque influences.


Flirty romantic style has several varieties.

Sophisticated romance

Ideal bold and confident lady. This style is just designed to emphasize those traits of character of the owner. Things in this way emphasize the fragility, elegance, enigmatic and mysterious ladies. All items in these ensembles perfectly complement each other and add up to a very harmonious and stylish picture.

Sophisticated romance involves a spectacular drapery fabrics and elegant adding it to the waves. It is worth remembering that such a course excludes the sexy miniskirt.

Clothing in a complex style is more serious and practical. It is quite possible to wear for daily walks.


Another popular variety is a serious romance. It focuses on the mystery and appeal of the female image. Outfits in this way a bit like clothes in the Gothic or vintage style. The most popular and common colors are lilac and purple.

Serious style is very common. It is expressed in textured fabrics: mother of pearl, silk or glossy. Beautiful clothes in this way are distinguished by their elongated and slightly elongated silhouette. You can meet a lot of things with an asymmetric structure. They are ideal for slim lady whose taste colder tone.


There is another insanely popular destination - a naive romantic. This style is made for gentle and creative natures. Today, many women are turning to things in such execution. Naive clothes is difficult to confuse with something else. It can be charming sleeves - shuttlecocks or flashlights. It is often used in such outfits playful lace and a variety of embroidery.

The main characteristics of the naive romance is its lightness and elegance. The most popular materials for things are chiffon and silk. This style often prefer sentimental girls and women who likes to emphasize their own tenderness and softness.

Interested in?

Do not forget that the romantic style is versatile, so it will suit both refined natures, and goal-oriented and self-confident person with strong character.

Stylish images can demonstrate impeccability ladies and highlight her soft features.

You will look the most impressive and charming with a beautiful gait, a charming smile, sparkling eyes and accurate movements. For girls and women so attractive style fit perfectly.

Fashion trends

In the modern romantic style, there are women's clothes, such as: the dress, a variety of skirts, stylish pants, light blouses, shirts, hats, jewelry and elegant shoes.

For example, to enhance the beauty and elegance of women's legs, you can use an exquisite dresses or skirts. Such clothes will give gait lightness and airiness. Clothes should pick up the average or maximum length.

will look translucent materials most harmoniously. The cut may be different, but the most popular are the products in the shape of a sun or polusolntsa. They may be complemented by interesting details: drapes and folds.

Very impressive on the lady will look asymmetrical skirts. They can be made in the bell-shaped or cylinder. Often these things are decorated with lace details, beads or ribbons.

To create a unique romantic image should buy pants. This season, a new collection of ladies show interesting ensembles in which there is this fashion thing.

Most harmoniously will look pants made of light textiles. Such clothing has a free cut and will therefore be advantageous to encapsulate the ladies' silhouette and make it accurate.

The romantic image will look great women's pants pastel and neutral tones. This applies to the blouse.

Romantic style readily admits the use of sweaters or cardigans. It is recommended to give preference to self-colored things with close-fitting brim. Such instances will look as feminine and allow to emphasize the slender figure of the owner.

Shoes have to be feminine. It is recommended to wear beautiful shoes, which will be perfect to sit on a lady's leg. It is these products will be able to successfully emphasize the delicate foot. The romantic image will look the most impressive high-heeled shoes or stiletto neat.

Accessories play a very important role in such images. Hats and decorations should choose according to your preferences. They can complement comely flowers, ribbons, veils and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Do not forget that the romantic style is versatile, so it will suit both refined natures, and goal-oriented and self-confident person with strong character.

Stylish images can demonstrate impeccability ladies and highlight her soft features.

You will look the most impressive and charming with a beautiful gait, a charming smile, sparkling eyes and accurate movements. For girls and women so attractive style fit perfectly.

How to create an effective way?

Today, to the romantic style of turning many women as it fits perfectly in all images. Every fashionista wants to emphasize their dignity by means of well-chosen ensemble, and this style is perfect for this.

  • Do not wear things too bright and colorful flowers. They absolutely will not look in the feminine image. Try to choose clothes pastel colors. Especially it is harmoniously combined light colored garments.

  • If you want to put the thing with the prints, then you should choose the option with clouds, waves, flowers and charming ornaments.
  • It is worth to prefer a simpler fabrics that gently envelop the female figure and emphasize its positive aspects. Very beautiful and fashionable lady will sit on the clothes, complemented by lace elements.

Compose beautiful and exquisite ensemble romantic style very easily. Let us consider some interesting bows in a soft way.

  • Very cute and air mix will look light dress with large ruffles on the chest and elegant shoes with heels. You can pick up clothes in soft pink or coral shade. Black shoes will look great in such an ensemble, especially if it will be attended by contrast detail light colors. Complement this outfit miniature clutches with gold fittings and black beads.

  • Pick up the gentle pink sweater, charming brown shorts and ballet flats that combine both of these shades. Sweater is quite possible to replace the classic white topom straps. This kit can be supplemented with a large light bag and the neck scarf of the flowing fabric.

  • Collect a spectacular evening image using a beige dress on the floor with bare shoulders and suede shoes with heels with an open toe. To supplement this feminine image in the romantic style, you can use a rectangular clutch with a bow on the front, elongated earrings and big bracelets.

  • Incredibly elegant and gentle tandem will look classic black blouse with long sleeves and a fluffy skirt on the floor, painted in light pink color. So light and original kit can be supplemented with a classic bag in black lacquer, with solar sunglasses and concise open sandals thin heels.

  • Sexy and attractive look is glamorous white dress with a wide skirt and long sleeves and sandals coral color. This set will look romantic and flirty. Add to it, you can use a bright clutch - Envelope, sunglasses and tiny beads.

  • For office or simple walking can pick up a stunning dress in bright colors. To do this, you must wear beige trousers or jeans, pastel-colored blouse, classic jacket with English collar peach color and chic patent leather shoes with a heel and platform. This kit can be supplemented by a mild light bag (it can be perforated) and miniature pusetov / studs.

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