Backpacks carrying - ideal device for transporting baby

Backpacks carrying - ideal device for transporting baby

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Backpacks carrying - ideal device for transporting baby

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The birth of a baby - it's not only a great happiness, but also new worries. The main task of the parents - is to provide child care and create a comfortable environment. Even small inconveniences can spoil the mood of mom and baby is very thin feels the mood of his closest man and the discomfort, fatigue and nervousness mother reflected on his health.

The modern market of goods for child care allows young mothers to surround yourself with all sorts of devices that make life easier. One such device - carrying backpacks for transporting baby.
Why carry backpacks

Carrying backpacks allow no problem to visit the places where it will be uncomfortable with a cumbersome stroller. Even the usual walk will be much nicer. Especially this nuance is valuable when the family lived on the upper floors and a lift in the house often fails. But the main advantage of a backpack-carrying that baby always close to my mother, feeling the warmth of her body, safety, and can see the world. This close relationship with the mother in the first months of a child's life helps in the formation of a strong personality.

What are carrying backpacks

children's goods market offers a huge range of backpacks for carrying babies, and make the right choice is difficult. All bags of this type can be divided into two main types - it is ergonomically designed backpacks and baby carriers.

The design of ergonomic backpacks is that the kid literally lies on the mother, but in a vertical position. Furthermore, such a backpack does not interfere when breastfeeding, since the baby is not separated from the mother even tissue wall. The backrest and the "bottom" of such carrying dense, well keep their shape, and the baby is in a position when the load is at its minimum spine and legs which is "hugging" mother body. Plus this type of child carrying in that it can be placed on the mother's chest, back and hip. The child is always facing it, which reduces the psychological and emotional burden when walking, visiting places of accumulation of strangers. Ergonomic backpack straps, carrying extensive and tight-fitting shoulders and waist mother, which reduces the load on her back while moving.

The baby carrier is different from the lack of ergonomic loin straps. You can use this type is already carrying a baby three months old, and an ergonomic version is designed for the weight of 18 kg! But there is a "kangaroo" and its advantages - they can be transferred to a child in any situation, that is, the baby can even sleep during the long walk, or move. But the load on the mother's back with a carrying the much stronger than with ergonomic version and carry the baby for a long time do not get it.

How to choose a bag-carrier for the baby and for mom

Every mom is trying to choose for your beloved child the best of everything. But the backpack-carrying - is not just a decoration, not just a device that facilitates the mother's life. This device, which determines the comfort of the child and mother, both health and mood. If you choose this device must be carefully applies not only to material and design, but also to the peculiarities of its construction.

Of great importance is the possibility of carrying the baby in different positions. The design of the backpack should allow "sit" baby face-to-mother back, put in a horizontal position, if he falls asleep. Backpack-carrying should be calculated on the weight of not less than 10 kg. Such models can be used when the child gets older.

Seat (bottom) should be wide enough that the load on the hip minimum separated. Only a sufficiently wide seat child will be in a backpack, carrying a long time.

Belts (straps) carrying must be sufficiently broad and elastic that they do not cut into the shoulders and hip mom. Attachment carrying must be located on the side, so as to avoid even the slightest discomfort and child and mother. Backpack must be fitted with a pocket to store the necessary details and a hood to protect your baby from inclement weather for a walk. Remember, there is an uncomfortable rucksack-carrying, and have incorrectly selected.

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