Diabetes mellitus as a possible cause "fatigue"

Diabetes mellitus as a possible cause "fatigue"


Diabetes mellitus as a possible cause "fatigue"

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diabetesSometimes after a cold or other infection health suddenly fails. Constant lethargy and weakness hinder you to work and relax. And suddenly began to bother dry mouth and thirst, frequent and copious urination, sudden weight loss, or, on the contrary, the appearance of extra kilos ... The skin suddenly and for no apparent reason begins to be covered with acne, although teens have seemingly passed. Who to go and what to be treated? Or maybe the case in the banal laziness and fatigue? Not at all. Go it is necessary first of all to the therapist to make the most of the usual analysis, not a time-consuming and requires nothing special - a blood test "for sugar." It will show whether glucose levels are elevated, because it can talk about the risk of developing diabetes.   What it is?   Diabetes - a disease of the endocrine system, which occurs due to lack of the hormone insulin. He is responsible for the fact that there is a well-defined amount of sugar in the blood - and no more. After all, if the accumulated a lot of glucose in the blood, it has a detrimental effect on the entire body - there are problems with blood vessels of eyes, internal organs, legs ... He suffers metabolism, immunity and even libido. But to identify this condition we need to go, in fact, only one analysis. And then once is enough to prescribe treatment to this disease no longer bother you ...   An important analysis   If your fasting blood glucose is too much, it means that the pancreas produces enough insulin, or the body's sensitivity to this hormone is reduced. High glucose levels - one of the first signs that help the doctor to suspect something was wrong, and help a person prior to happen anything serious. To understand this for sure, you must pass a thorough examination. His will is not a therapist and endocrinologist or diabetologist. He carefully listens to complaints and gather all the information about the disease and its manifestations. After that he will appoint additional laboratory tests to help determine how severely impaired pancreatic function - those of its cells, which produce insulin. This will help to quickly find the right treatment as quickly as possible and stabilize blood glucose levels.   How to keep glucose?   If a person went to a doctor immediately, the excess sugar in the blood begins to complications for a particular organ. Different people, these bodies may be different - for example, one person initially problems with the kidneys (and pathological changes in them starting at the very beginning of diabetes!), The other - with the eyes, the third having trouble with the vessels of the legs. A careful examination of the doctor is necessary in order to see these changes and begin to start treatment, which helps the body to cope with the problem. Simultaneously, an endocrinologist and acts on the root cause of the disease - the lack of insulin, and, as a consequence, a high level of glucose. Hormone deficiency may be very different terms: depends on how hard the disease occurs and how powerful drugs are needed to handle it. In some cases, the patient will need to regularly inject themselves insulin, in others - to take special hypoglycemic agents, but the most mild cases (especially the so-called pre-diabetes) - is sufficient to consider low-calorie diet. Depending on how much sugar rises, your doctor will choose the right drug or combination of drugs that can help to keep blood glucose at a normal level. Since the maximum amount of glucose in the blood comes in the course of the meal, these drugs need to be taken just before a meal.   What if the doctor found diabetes?   In fact, not so scary: in the world there are millions of people, including, for example, Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Mikhail Gorbachev, who suffered from diabetes. But this does not prevent all these people to live a normal life: work, play sports, to have children, as they learn to control their disease, and lack of time to make up for an important hormone. After all, the earlier we start to "discipline" the glucose in healthy for the body framework, the less damage will bring disease.   Disciplining disease   have diabetes there is one feature: if they do not do it - not be treated at all or take medication regularly - it can be a very serious illness. But if you see to it that the blood glucose level has always remained in the normal range, then this disease is almost possible to forget. That is, the disease causes a person to be disciplined - ensure that blood glucose remained "in check." In a sense, it teaches a person more sensitive to yourself: eat the food that it is really necessary, but at the same time and enjoy her reception; take care of yourself and live the lifestyle that corresponds to the internal needs - your body needs. A source: pikweek.ru   See also: Proper nutrition for allergies and diabetes

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