The most original greeting her: photo ideas, style, examples for inspiration

The most original greeting her: photo ideas, style, examples for inspiration

Many cards have long been a thing of the past. People started to use electronic greetings, forgetting how symbolic and meaningful for the recipient may be the original postcards with their own hands.

Nevertheless, no matter how advanced the technology has not been, beautiful cards, made with love and attention, will always remain the original symbolic present for any man, because they, like old photos, are the guardians of memories and emotions, that is priceless.

Today for you team 1001 board has prepared a unique overview of the ideas on the topic "The most original greeting cards with your own hands."

It presents an unusual and interesting postcards, which can make even schoolchildren.

Also, we have presented to you the idea of ​​postcards with their own hands for more complex techniques, namely, scrapbooking, kviling with which you implement unconventional ideas greeting and invitation for birthday, new year, wedding, etc.

The ideas and beautiful examples of what cards their own hands to do more ...

Postcard with their hands from simple materials: the ideas, techniques, ways of doing

To create a postcard with your hands, especially if you are creating in the company of a little tot, for whom this activity is very important and responsible, please be pieces of ribbons, cloth, burlap, colored paper and cardboard, buttons, beads and stones, and many other materials that It can be used for creating postcards.

Clay in our complete home art, tape, scissors and thread must also be present.

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The most simple greeting cards with your own hands

Undoubtedly, immediately make something unique we do not want, especially if the card is creating its own kids.

It is clear that children tend to make greeting cards with your own hands for moms, grandmothers, and teachers.

To create a greeting card with your own hands is very important is a good idea which will define our next steps.

Taking colored cardboard sheets can be cut blank for greeting card. Next, using a stencil cut out of colored paper cute and colorful flowers, butterflies, certain figures, which will be located on this greeting card.

Cut parts, pasted them on the surface of the board, and a homemade masterpiece is ready. Be sure to reserve a place for the signature, or print out in advance greetings to the printer.

Of course, this process we talked quite simple. To get more interesting ideas cards you can by viewing our selection of examples.

In it you will find some cards with their own hands in this simple way you can make a birthday, New Year, 8 March, on the day of defenders of the homeland, baptisms, etc.

Original postcards with their own hands in kviling technique

It has long outgrown kviling technique in art, providing for the creation of as many as masterpieces of twisted pieces of colored paper.

Postcards with their own hands can also be made using a technique kviling. Through this original technology, you can make beautiful cards with their hands in the form of flowers, swirls, leaves, twigs, flowers, which will be very fitting complement sincere congratulations handwritten or prepared in advance in the printed version.

Postcards with their own hands kviling can be supplemented with sequins, beads, beads, fabric inserts, Openwork, or ribbons that will look just great.

Besides the usual components set to work with paper products, to implement kviling masterpieces you will need a special awl, tweezers, safety pins, paper knife, a comb to create extraordinary items, and, of course, colored paper, which will be carried out by elements kvilinga.

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Further, all depends on your imagination and desire. Examples of cards with their own hands in this technique, see the photo collection.

Unusual postcards with their own hands in scrapbooking techniques

Another wonderful technique that deserves special attention - scrapbooking. Employing this method, it can be issued not only cards, but also family albums, notebooks.

Cards with their hands in the technique of scrapbooking, you can create not only on paper but also on cardboard and wood.

To implement this technique, you have to prepare in advance some of the materials, namely cardboard, colored paper, glue, tape, lace and fabric pieces, dry leaves and ornamental flowers, beads, etc.

As you can see in our list includes diverse elements that would allow the cards with their hands according to your unique ideas. The idea is very important not only for the process but also to choose appropriate to the decor.

If the card is performed on the cardboard, the course can go even coffee beans and grains.

Creative - is not it? Recommend definitely try ... And our examples of postcards you will certainly help in this.

Postcards with their own hands: the style of products

Choose the optimal idea is very important that the cards with their hands turned out successful and exclusive. Especially it concerns species such as wedding invitations.

Sometimes the future husband and wife want to at their wedding were all perfect and unique that it is not too lazy to make invitation cards with their own hands for all guests.

Below we consider the idea of ​​such cards by viewing which you will immediately understand how to do these wonderful invitation.

Undoubtedly, it is very beautiful, you can count cards with their hands at Easter, which can be performed in a mini version in the form of eggs.

A card as you for Dad as man, which suit made from the fabric or fabric insert card with creating simulation girl dresses. Very creative!

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In our review, you'll see the different ideas on the style of cards that will surely appreciate your family and loved ones.

Postcards with their own hands: the amazing variations of homemade cards

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