The secret to a healthy baby skin

The secret to a healthy baby skin

First of all, make sure that fresh air benefits the baby skin and does not cause dryness or irritation, and it means that:

  • clothing worn by the baby, soft, lightweight, with good absorptive and porous enough to allow the skin to breathe;
  • while walking the baby's skin, except face and hands, closed with suitable clothing: a single layer of light to warm weather and several layers of breathable cold;
  • too frequent bathing can have a negative impact on the baby's skin, but one bath a day will not hurt and will give the opportunity to spend precious time alone with the baby;
  • on the baby diaper, which allows the skin to breathe it.

" Fresh air is required delicate baby skin all the time - in fact it is one of the main components of its health. But most mothers are surprised by the fact that air can freely get to the skin, even when the child is in the diaper. Therefore, the main thing that the diaper was breathing! "- said the famous children's dermatologist, consultant and author of numerous works in the field of pediatric dermatology Dr David Atherton * (United Kingdom).

Now it is not necessary to keep the baby naked, his skin can breathe. Diapers Pampers Premium Care protected "five stars" are made of a special material with breathable micropores which pass fresh air inside, and wet - outwards to tender skin baby could breathe . Besides Pampers Premium Care - the driest of Pampers diapers.


Did you know that healthy skin helps baby:

  • The development of the senses. Because the skin - the largest organ of the senses, and learn to recognize the feelings which it conveys, it is important for children's development.
  • Social development. Touching the skin of the baby help to improve the relationship between mother and baby and contribute to the fact that the child grew up an open and relaxed.
  • Physical health. The child's condition of the skin can be an indicator of his health: if a child is sick, the skin can signal this. In addition, the sunlight that falls on the exposed skin, - virtually the only source of vitamin D.
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