Sex in marriage, why it becomes less

Sex in marriage, why it becomes less

Sex and relationships

Sex in marriage, why it becomes less

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relationship, marriageMany married couples over the years become hostage to such issues as sex. It exactly becomes smaller. What to do in such cases? Not worth much upset as the basis for the instinct of preservation of the genus is present in every human being. The main thing is to save the former attraction, you must complete calm and absence of stress.
The first thing that affects the proximity of the partners is not the best way, is an insult. Do not go by the silence of problems, talk about the problem, analyze it. This will remove the alarm and bring you closer.
In many women, the excitement is lost due to health problems. In this situation, help the partner is small, better to consult a doctor. The sexual life of laziness both partners can play on your relationship to each other.
Do not be lazy, pay more attention to each other, communicate, cook for a romantic dinner, light the candles! Everyone knows that most sexual organ in humans - is the head, and the desire is born in the mind.
If you have already faced the problem of small-sex marriage, the Council remains one - fully adjust their thoughts on sex, dream and share your fantasies with your partner, and you will notice how your fantasies soon become a reality!
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