Family psychology: how to refresh the relationship in marriage?

Family psychology: how to refresh the relationship in marriage?

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Almost all couples over the years, become irritable with each other, having sex less often and feelings fade. In order to keep the relationship need to really try and refresh the senses.
According to the experts, it is the sex takes an important position in the family relations, satisfaction in the intimate sphere accommodate slight differences in everything else. Just over the years, the couple start to be lazy in bed, and sex is reduced to a banal execution of marital debt.
Treat your spouse gourmet dinner by candlelight, a gentle attitude and interesting conversation on the abstract rather than domestic issues. You will see how he will try to express my gratitude. If the spouse is tired, do not insist on the immediate vicinity. These relationships can be transferred to the weekend, when you can enjoy plenty of each other.
On the morning of hint to her husband for a romantic dinner. Let him spend the whole day with the thought of the upcoming evening and it will help him get back home in a good mood.
Not devote her husband in age-related changes of its shape - it does not necessarily know how many kilos you gained and where you have new wrinkles appeared. Otherwise, it will start to look at you closely and notice something that would not normally notice.

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