Style "Disco" clothing

Style "Disco" clothing

Bright, sports, hot eighties of the twentieth century gave rise to a new lifestyle and style of dress called Disco. Its name already speaks for itself, that was born in the dance halls and nightclubs.


Disco really colorful, colorful and active style. Formed as a consequence of imitation stage idols - cult singers and music groups such as Diana Ross, ABBA, Boney M, Bee Gees and others.

And a kind of icing on the cake, or rather, the impetus for the development of the popularity of disco style was the film "Saturday Night Fever" was released in theaters in 1977. Young John Travolta has played a major role in it - the seller in a small shop, Tony Manero, which day was inconspicuous and unattractive, and at night transforms into a real star of the dance floor in the "Odyssey" club.

Probably, the audience fell in love with this movie because he gave them what they are so lacking - the belief that no matter what life may seem routine in the daytime, at night it can be quite different. To some extent, this discovery was revolutionary for the youth of the eighties, the boys and girls began to actively implement this idea.

In addition, in the eighties of the twentieth century began to appear more and more nightclubs in vogue sports taut body and fitness. New time required other clothing: close-fitting - to emphasize the slender figure and body flexibility, bright - to draw attention to yourself at a party, do not hold down movements - for vydelyvaniya intricate pas at the disco and sports.

However, it is not surprising that the disco-style shares many elements and features of sports style.

At the same time they developed their own ideals of male and female beauty, typical of the period of the disco. Standard men's appearance was a tall young man-Defined share, but with a slim build. Women sought to move closer to the exterior of a slender long-legged blonde.

Disco style clothing

No wonder that a fashionable image of Travolta and became one of the main examples to follow. The most that neither is a classic style disco for men - a white suit with trousers flared from the knee, a dark shirt, shoes with heels. All like Travolta and his hero. Often replaced with different colored shirt tight-fitting turtleneck thin knitted.

This trendy bow is so loved that it was used in the films, which are to disco absolutely nothing to do. Recall Troubadour of the "Bremen Town Musicians", which in one scene appears in a white suit with a light flared on the trousers. Or hero Alexander Abdullova - Ivan Pukhov - from the film "Magicians", which appeared at the ball the same way in a white suit and a black shirt. And you can not say that this way they would not come. However, even such classics very actively and shamelessly diluted and colors, and bright accessories.

In general, the style of disco greatly influenced the further development of men's fashion. Thanks to him, it became clear that a man can behave quite freely and relatively uninhibited even in the seemingly strict suit. Changes have also occurred in themselves silhouettes - became fashionable sleek lines, a free cut clothes, the visual creation of broad shoulders.

With a light hand designer and fashion designer Giorgio Armani world saw a line of silver-gray suits, silk shirts and ties free, which ensured him a vast and dizzying Hollywood success. Clothes did not wanted to show restraint: wide flared jeans, tights, shorts, colored tights, and all are decorated with sequins, lurex, and often sewed of bright or shiny fabrics.

For clothing used mostly artificial materials - viscose, polyester, spandex.

In the wardrobe each and every mod ladies necessarily jeans were predominantly flared, waist which has been underestimated. They were worn by both men and women. Jeans decorated, often with their own hands, printed pattern, embroidered by the same sequins, beads. Fashion were so-called pants-bananas. Of course, the name of many interesting details of the wardrobe gave a resemblance to a banana.

More options fashionable image for a woman - a combination of short shorts and colorful tights or leggings, shirts and pants of bright colors, jeans, sundresses.

Also, do not forget that dance, which at that time were incredibly popular way of spending time and leisure activity - is still one of the sport, because as has been said, in the disco a lot of borrowing from sporty. For example, leggings, shorts, wide T-shirts, sports shoes were part of an attribute of girls not only in dance or fitness activities, but simply in the streets.


Disco style is characterized by acidic, and even bright colors in almost everything - clothes and makeup and even hairstyles. At the crest of the wave fashion it was green, yellow, pink, orange, silver, metallic colors. In vogue hair sprays with short-term effect of coloring, artificial multi-colored strands of hair, hair clips and rubber bands - and all this motley all shades of the rainbow.

Hairstyles girls doing high and lush, but the most strong, so that during the next dance disheveled hair do not.

Purple, blue, blue eyeshadow in conjunction with lipstick fuchsia, scarlet blush were classic makeup for women of that time. Plus, the girl's nails were painted in bright colors, to match your make-up, accessories and clothing.

All played on contrasts, especially in the female images. Mixed different colors in clothes, accessories. For example, the girls wore several rubber bands for hair of different colors on a ponytail, combined bright red leggings, green tunic and orange bolero, accessories are not necessarily chosen the color of any item of clothing.


For this style is used not only clothes, eye-catching, but also the accessories with the same task. Basically accessories carried away, of course, girls and young women. Mostly worn by a large number of bracelets and all at once, many chains, big earrings, or color, or imitating gold, odd-shaped glasses and colored glasses.

Shoes also dazzled with colors. Women gave preference sandals, shoes and sandals, which were allocated a high heel, a pin or a platform. Men also often wore platform shoes.

How to dress for a party?

Despite the fact that the time of disco in the past, many of its elements remain and take root in the modern fashion, and even many modern designers leave hints about it in his new collection of clothes and accessories. Moreover, a particularly creative or nostalgic companies organize theme parties and events, including in the eighties style.

Of course, in the XXI century to repeat the style of disco as he was then, it is difficult. It is important that such colorful clothes corresponded to time and place, because if it is a theme party - for you do not have any taboos and restrictions.

If you intend to visit other plan an event, it is important not to overdo it with a riot of colors and a nostalgic dip into fashion disco.

The modern attitude to disco style in women's images allow the presence of tight jeans paired with loose jackets, cardigans, tunics. They are complemented by platform sandals, plastic jewelery, bright clutches, intelligently placing accents.

As in the past century, welcome sparkling silver and golden colors, lurex and sequins. Now the materials for arts and crafts and dazzle with their variety, so if you want you can decorate your clothes for a suitable way of their own.

By modern style disco include pleated skirts and a trapezoidal shape that conveniently hide figure flaws in the hips. Another great option to attract attention - coveralls, which can serve as a transformer. During the day at the workplace to be strict and restrained, and in the evening, complete with accessories, has to shine with new colors.

Men are not much easier. They can add to your classic suit a bright colored shirt or turtleneck and shine in the disco style. The iconic white suit and black shirt - classic style disco.

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