Sushi - experts uncovered the benefits and harms health

Sushi - experts uncovered the benefits and harms health

sushi   Eating foods such as sushi and rolls, may favorably affect the state organs of the vascular system of the body, as well as provide other useful properties. But at the same time, the sushi and rolls can cause extremely unpleasant health problems. Experts have found out, the impact on the body of man and sushi rolls, said "Latest News". In general, experts say, the benefits and harms of these dishes are determined by the composition of their ingredients, the quality of these components, as well as the amount of food eaten. Let's say you eat a very reasonable portion. What benefits while receiving body. According to nutritionists, rolls and sushi, as seafood, contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, thanks to which strengthens walls of blood vessels and improve heart. In turn, activate blood circulation helps to reduce weight as boosts metabolism. Furthermore, the fish in sushi and rolls saturates the body phosphorus responsible for brain activity. At the same time, seafood cause a lot of skepticism from the infectious disease.  

"Raw seafood may contain many germs, so you should make sure the quality of the ingredients used before eating meals. In addition, the seafood are affected by environmental pollution. Tuna, for example, absorbs mercury vapor, it is a dangerous substance may not be easy in the body avid sushi "- they warned.

  Another product in the composition of rolls and sushi - a nori seaweed. Specialists noticed that the algae are high in iodine - and although it is good for health, with frequent consumption of a risk oversaturate iodine organism that is harmful to the endocrine system. Finally, Fig. On the one hand it is a good source of fiber, protein, B vitamins, however, when there is excessive consumption increases the concentration of carbohydrates produced by the body - in this case a set of extra kilos can become uncontrolled, nutritionists warned.

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