Sweaters sleeveless

Sweaters sleeveless


Sweater is the subject of a knitted garments with high collar in one or more layers, tight-fitting neck and long sleeves. It is intended for the upper body, has no fasteners. This definition of the sweater can be found in Wikipedia and other sources.

Meanwhile, today called the most different sweater knitted clothing, including sweaters and pullovers with no collars or sleeves. Our article will tell just such models knitted garment without sleeves.


Sweater sleeveless still often referred to as a knitted vest. These items of clothing, and the truth, have a similar appearance of the story. Only the classic jacket, unlike the sweater, never had a collar. Sweater sleeveless can be like a collar, and without it.

Therefore, in order to avoid confusion in concepts, designers recommend to still distinguish knitted sweater vest and sleeveless.

From what to wear?

Simple, concise style of sweater you can use it as an all-weather garment in combination with a variety of items of clothes.

Sweater goes well with trousers and jeans, skirts and dresses, T-shirts and shirts, tops and shirts.

It can be an elegant addition to your office suit or a stylish element of everyday image. It is better to choose a model made of dense monochromatic color jersey.

Sweater made of light, flowing fabric is perfect in addition to a summer dress or a sundress. Extended versions can be supplemented with a sweater or a nice wide belt strap to accentuate her small waist.

Classic cut black or white sweater sleeveless become versatile addition to a set of shirts and jeans. As a shoe to fit together such sneakers, ballet flats or slipony.

Interestingly look a combination of a light shirt with short colored sweater without sleeves.

By this ensemble can pick up interesting shorts or a short skirt trapeze silhouette.

This season, the actual combination of different materials invoice. For example, a thick sweater, knitted relief with a high collar looks great with jeans or leggings all models. Particularly interesting is the combination of contrasting colors of clothing.

For the cold season under a sweater you can wear thin turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt or a classic blouse.

To create a strict dress code is best to choose a sweater classic, restrained colors.

For the solemn occasion, party or walking around the city, you can choose the model more vivid and saturated colors. Will be relevant and sweaters decorated with original prints or model with an interesting textured pattern.

Note the shortened elongated sweaters and models - they trending.

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