Secrets of selective perfumery - women's fragrance

Secrets of selective perfumery - women's fragrance

perfumery   Many hundreds of years ago, people realized that a properly selected fragrance can work wonders. Exotic flower oil, relaxing smells fragrant wood, glow in unusual kuritelnitsah countless rose petals - all filled with magical scents of the palaces and temples of the ancient world. At the end of the XIX century there were the first spirits in the form as we know them today, and the roaring of the XX century was marked by the emergence of multi-billion dollar industry of mass fragrances - from Chanel No.5 to anyone not well-known brands. All of them in this century continue their triumphant march on the first floor of a dazzling world-famous department stores. As a result, the vast majority of watching fashionable novelties of people enjoy the same flavors - even if relatively expensive, such as fragrances or Hermes kaleidoscope of Amouage, but still available to the public. In addition, perfume skill reached such a high level of development that today the creation of Flerov can easily instruct the computer program. Artificial Intelligence is well versed in the composite sheet of popular flavors and associations, which are capable of producing on a subconscious level, and, like a mosaic, can combine them in different proportions, gathering more and more fragrant picture. The so-called selective or niche perfumes - not a fad, and certainly not a novelty. Since ancient times, influential persons prefer to have in their collections unique flavors that can have the desired impact on the psychological level. Today their role is played by small laboratories, as well as some perfume houses that focus on the creation of the piece phantom scents, the embodiment of individuality. It is the latter and are of greatest interest because of its exceptional rarity and short life. The epitome of the ideal perfume ghost decade was the legendary Clive Christian №1 Imperial Majesty, released just ten vials, the first of which was presented to Queen Elizabeth II. Luxury bottle made of better crystal elements decorated with gold and sparkling diamond-tapeworm. Base notes of vanilla and cedar complemented by a bouquet of aroma of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and fresh notes of pineapple, plum and white peach. The cost of such a refined composition is comparable with the new car Bentley. GuerlainA riding individuality and luxury become Guerlain perfumes released at all in a single copy, and sold at the Moscow Millionaire Fair in 2006. We can only guess what was chosen composition vain flavor, but with a high degree of confidence we can assume that he will become the premier perfume phantom of last year. However, the chance to recreate the exceptional flavor still remains, going to Paris boutique on the Champs Elysees companies and taking advantage of special service called Le Parfum Sur Mesure. In this case, the director of Guerlain perfume line will hold individual consultations, thoroughly examine the preferences - such as favorite color, clothing style, the resort is the most vivid memories of childhood, culinary preferences - and then gradually begin to create a personal fragrance. On average, its creation takes six months to a year, during which Guerlain experts are in constant contact with the owner of a new perfume. Favorite true jet-setters who are not willing to wait for months, this season definitely will Saks Fifth Avenue - an unexpected addition of the New York collection Bond No.9 fragrances. Issued in a limited series in variants "for her" and "for him" vibrant perfume has become the epitome of extravagant atmosphere of the famous department store of America, where everything is filled with fluids of high fashion and flawless style. In the women's version of blended scents of tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, vanilla and vetiver, and the men - the sharpness of black pepper and chilli, spice cardamom and bergamot securely enclosed in amber base. The paradox lies in the fact that Bond No.9 collection consists of more than thirty flavors dedicated to different parts of New York, from Broadway to Chinatown, but all of them characterized by an unusual composition, and continue to make to turn around more people. At the same time, just a few blocks from Fifth Avenue, located one headquarters exceptionally luxurious and at the same time the rarest fragrances. For lovers of experiment American company Le Labo, famous for creating personal scents with the name of their owner and creation date on the label, offering took up conducting their own sverhunikalnoy fragrance alone. Buy palette The Olfactionary, sostyayuschuyu forty basic flavors in tiny vials of 2.5 ml each, can be in Barney's department store, and then to close the house and preparing a handful of coffee beans begin to make your own perfume palette - whether carefree scents joie de vivre or more mysterious and sensual scents, inspired by the work of Patrick Suskind. If, however, the Americans will only prove its ability to create a grand perfumes, the French experts have for centuries known for unsurpassed craftsmanship. Recently routes connoisseurs of rare spirits of Paris began to conduct not only in the Galleries Lafayette and Chanel boutiques, which shows a series of six amazing flavors Les Exclusifs de Chanel, but also in its suburbs, namely the Palace of Versailles. The fact that recently there favorite formula of Marie Antoinette perfume has been accidentally discovered, once created the best court perfumer Jean-Louis Farzhonom. The startling discovery was immediately handed over to the best specialists of our time. As a result, three hundred years later, came to light the spirits of the past, a phantom era of grand balls and classical era of French romance. In an effort to maintain an aura of unassailable and courtly royal luxury, was born just a thousand crystal bottle of perfume MA Sillage de la Reine, in each of which is sharpened only natural aromas of flowers and rare ingredients such as gray amber and bamboo musk, hardly used in modern perfume, which makes them almost more valuable than gold. Day in Versailles can be exhausting, so to return to Paris, it is best to go to the hotel Park Hyatt Paris Vend me, where pastry chef Jean-François Foucher adds exquisite perfume in his famous pastries Le Parfumeur -? At the stage of preparation of the dough, as well as cream blueberry, which is filled with crunchy almond shell. Truly not with the incomparable pleasure for the most demanding lovers of high perfumery, disappears on the tongue.

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