Top 10 men's responsibilities at home

Top 10 men's responsibilities at home

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Top 10 men's responsibilities at home

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It is no secret that every household chores are allocated individually. But still, there is a list of economic affairs, with which a man does a better job. In addition, they especially did not strain, and do not cause a storm of negative emotions.
10 men's responsibilities at home
1. vacuum cleaner. For some reason, most men, when given a choice between washing windows, floors and the process of cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner, will give preference to the last point. And not only because it is still necessary to something to accept. The fact that most of today's vacuum cleaners are machines with a bunch of different baits that can be changed depending on the purpose. For men, a vacuum cleaner - it is not only a means of harvesting, but also a kind of designer, which he had not played enough as a child. 
2. Preparation of the dinner. Sometimes men observed a romantic mood, and they are going to cook dinner for loved ones. All you need - it is good to praise him for these masterpieces of cooking, to say that he saved you from hunger, since by virtue of their fatigue, you were not capable of anything more than a sliced ​​apple or an orange. Men are very flattered by such praise, they love to be the center of attention and receive compliments. So, over time, all dinners will be exclusively the responsibility of your men.
3. Hike to the supermarket. From time immemorial, man was considered earner and had to bring his wife and children food and clothing. Over the past century on this issue, little has changed. And today, the real man - is primarily a provider and breadwinner. That is why He is responsible for production of the products in the local supermarket.
4. Wash ceramic tile in the bathroom and in the kitchen. This activity is exclusively for men - strong, agile and hardy, which can reach up to the ceiling and do not fall from a chair or table. That's about it and tell the elect.
5. To iron trousers and men's shirts. Every man knows that the woman is not able to iron his pants and shirt as he would like. That is why the process of making men's trousers and other things normal form - this sacred duty of the strong half of mankind.
6. Score nail and repair the valve. We are all over, we know that, if necessary, all repairs can perform and a woman. But sometimes she wants to show weakness and enable men to show their talents.
7. take out the garbage. This duty is considered male, since it does not require much time and effort. Garbage can be thrown out of their way to work or on a football game, but his wife had not "nagged" and lagged behind other, more serious requests. That is why our men are so meekly agree to this occupation.
8. Wash. Very easy duty compared to the others, as almost every family has an automatic washing machine, especially if you have previously installed the program you want and covered laundry detergent. That is why the obligation to put in her underwear, and after washing to get it and hang out, have undertaken our favorite men.
9. Take care of the animals. The duty is not easy. But how many times can then be recalled home that you walked the dog or put the litter box, fed rats changed the water in the aquarium, etc., etc. In return, ask what your heart desires, for example, view the after school soccer game or a trip with friends to go fishing
10. Washing machine. The most favorite men's shared responsibility. No one can so clean and gently wash "favorite swallow", as he himself. During this process, the men did not see or hear anyone around, they are fully immersed in the work.
No matter how distributed responsibilities in your family, try to help each other, support each other and always be around.

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